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How to play Lead Trombone in a Big Band

A Tune-Based Guide to Stylistic Playing in a Large Jazz Ensemble
Im Herzen des Jazz findet sich die Improvisation, aber man muss auch wissen, wie man in einem großen Jazzensemble stilistisch richtig spielt. "How to Play Lead Trombone in a Big Band" bietet Tipps, Anregungen, Beispiele und eine Play-Along-CD, die Ihnen dabei hilft, all das miteinander zu vereinen. Das Repertoire umfasst viele Jazzstile von Basie über Latin und afrikanisch beeinflusste Musik bis zu ECM und zeitgenössischem Jazz (Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Bob Brookmeyer, etc.).
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Improvisation is at the heart of jazz, but knowing how to play stylistically correctly in a large jazz ensemble is also a necessity. How to Play Lead Trombone in a Big Band offers tips, suggestions, examples and a play along CD to help you put it all together.

How to Play Lead Trombone in a Big Band by Mark Kellogg is an annotated guide written to help trombonists explore the joys and challenges of playing in a large jazz ensemble. Topics covered include the distinct roles of lead and section players in a big band; playing with a cohesive section sound; and performing with an even sense of balance, intonation and rhythmic feel. These insightful comments are conveyed by taking a detailed look at seven compositions and addressing the specific challenges of each work. The CD which accompanies this text provides a helpful aural guide, enabling the trombonist to listen to each example or to play along with the recording. The variety of jazz styles covered in this volume include medium swing, funk, bossa, fast swing, and Afro-Cuban feels. Composers and arrangers of these pieces include some of the most innovative and respected voices of the genre, such as Clare Fischer, Bill Dobbins, Jim Snidero, Heiner Wiberny and Joey Sellers. This publication is designed for use by trombonists of all ages and experience levels.

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How to play Lead Trombone in a Big Band
A Tune-Based Guide to Stylistic Playing in a Large Jazz Ensemble
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