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Charlie Mariano - Not Quite a Ballad

Charlie Mariano meets the Würzburg Philharmonic
feat. New On The Corner
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In November 1998 Charlie Mariano celebrated his 75th birthday on stage with the Würzburg Philharmonic, thereby fulfilling a long and dearly cherished wish: finally get the chance to play with a symphonic orchestra. That occasion was the springboard for various new arrangements, which now appear here for the first time on CD.

Two years later a second artistic collaboration in Würzburg took place: this concert resulted in the current recording. A decisive element in the successful communication betwwen the symphony orchestra and jazz musicians was the presence of the New On The Corner Trio, which has been organising jazz productions with the Würzburg Orchestra on a regular basis since 1994, including a CD recording with Benny Bailey. Thus we hear four of the titles here in an arrangement for quartet.

Charlie`s italien roots, and the fact that he often heard arais at home in his younger days are the reason for the arrangements from the aria “Vesti la giubba” from I Pagliacci, and from Albinoni`s Adagio which we hear here. Some listeners may well prefer Charlie`s alto sax to many an italian tenor!

The Next Last Wave, the original compositions by Peter Fulda is in fact already available on CD in various versions (big band, piano solo, piano trio), but this is a first-time recording of the version for quartet and symphony orchestra.

Charlie Mariano`s years of involvement with the music of the Indian subcóntinent are reflected in the large-scale Yagapriya by the Indian composer Ramamani, in an arrangement by Peter Fulda. The first half of this work is a gigantic tampura or free improvisation by thew soloist over a changing “bordun” in the orchestra. The second half is rhythmically defined, but in 7/4 time. The notes are all pitched within one single, unchanging scale. Here we see the production of “world music” in the best sense of the phrase.


Plum Island
Vesti La Giubba
Not Quite a Ballad
The Next Last Wave
Candy Lip
You Better Go Now


Charlie Mariano: saxophone / Bernhard Pichl: piano / Rudi Engel: double bass / Bill Elgart: drums / Würzburg Philharmonic / Jonathan Seers: conductor

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Charlie Mariano - Not Quite a Ballad
Charlie Mariano meets the Würzburg Philharmonic
feat. New On The Corner
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