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After the first successful 5.1 surround sound production 'reloaded', we have now released the next t-u-b-e production entitled 'gebeugt': In spring 2005, eight artists were invited whose way of working musically can be summarized by the term of 'circuit bending'. Referring to a new movement within music and already enjoying cult status, this term describes an intuitive rather than a purposeful approach to modifying electronic sound generators. Such manipulations are made either before or, in a virtuoso manner, right during the performance. It turns out that the artists are not only motivated by the search for new sounds: this is about the breaking down of assumed patterns of action and utilization preset by commerce and industry through independent, subversively acting artists.
In this production, too, the specific t-u-b-e live sound was spatially reproduced in surround technology with rather exciting artistic and acoustic events and made accessible to the listener at home. Such innovative efforts facilitate not only a new quality of documentation but also a special listening experience, thanks to their three-dimensionality. They support both the art and the artists. Played on one's personal 5.1 surround sound system at home, the six evenings can be understood in a new, highly sensitive and exciting way.


Joker Nies: Circuit-Bending and Beyond
Adachi Tomomi: Untitled
Nicolas Collins: Pea Soup II
Norbert Möslang / Erik M: code_cracking
Sarah Washington / Knut Aufermann: Tonic Train
Hans W. Koch: computers & sponges


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t-u-b-e gebeugt 2005
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ARTS 81025
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