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Study with Style

30 Selected Studies for Flute
With practice tips and notes on history and style
Peter-Lukas Graf a réalisé une anthologie qui contient un choix représentatif d’études de différentes époques et de différents styles. Déterminants pour la sélection ont été le spectre stylistique et la diversité des aspects techniques – un “must” de l’apprentissage de la flûte.
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This is a series of study cycles for flute which can hardly be overlooked and which not only convey technical skills but also make artistic demands. Thanks to having taught at the Basle Academy of Music and at international courses for performers for decades, Peter-Lukas Graf has extensive experience in the field of education. Based on this wealth of material, he has now compiled an anthology which contains a representative selection of studies from different epochs and in different styles. The selection was mainly based on the stylistic breadth as well as on the varied technical aspects – a must for the training as a flutist.


T. Boehm: Caprices, op. 26: Presto molto, op. 26/6
Allegro, op. 26/22
Tempo di valse, op. 26/19
Allegro, op. 26/2
Moderato, op. 26/12
Andante, op. 26/5
J. Andersen: Etudes, op. 15: Allegro moderato, op. 15/1
Moderato, op. 15/2
Allegro con brio, op. 15/3
Adagio, op. 15/4a
Andantino, op. 15/7
Andante assai, op. 15/10
Presto molto, op. 15/12
Moderato, op. 15/17
P. Jeanjean: Etudes modernes: Lent
Andante espressivo
Allegretto scherzando
S. Karg-Elert: Caprices, op. 107: Rapido e brillante, op. 107/9
Leggerissimo e grazioso, op. 107/13
Adagio, op. 107/18
In tempo di Walzer, op. 107/21
Adagio appassionato, op. 107/23
Chaconne, op. 107/30
H. Reitz: Caprices, op. 4: Allegretto scherzando, op. 4/1
Andante mesto, op. 4/11
Allegretto capriccioso, op. 4/2
Allegro marziale, op. 4/9
Lento lamentoso, molto rubato quasi fantasia, op. 4/7

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Study with Style
30 Selected Studies for Flute
With practice tips and notes on history and style
Level of difficulty:
intermediate - advanced
Schott Music

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ED 20945
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