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Piano piccolo

111 Little and Very Easy Original Classical Piano Pieces
111 kleine und sehr leichte klassische Original-Klavierstücke
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Piano Piccolo has been designed as a beginner’s introduction to the successful collection Für Elise (ED 20044) in the Pianissimo series. This collection of 111 very easy original classical piano pieces includes popular repertoire pieces as well as many rarer finds that are not widely known. Works by over sixty composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras here offer a rich treasure trove for and are a valuable addition to imaginative and varied tuition for beginners.
Piano Piccolo offers excellent opportunities for introducing beginners, returning students and amateur musicians to classical music with pieces suitable for auditions at music schools and playing to family and friends.


M. Praetorius: Old German Dance C major- J. Krieger: Minuet A minor
J. Krieger: Bourrée A minor
H. Purcell: Air D minor
G. Böhm: Minuet G major
C. Graupner: Bourrée E minor GWV 827
J.S. Bach: Aria D minor BWV 515
G.F. Händel: Minuet G major
G.F. Händel: Passepied C major HWV 559
Anon.: Minuet F major No. 2
Anon.: Minuet F major No. 6
L. Mozart: Minuet D minor
J. Haydn: German Dance D major Hob.IX:22/2
J. Haydn: German Dance G major Hob.IX:22/3
W. Duncombe: Minuet C major
W. Duncombe: Gavot C major
S. Arnold: Gavot C major S. Arnold: Giga C major
J. Hook: Minuet D major
J. Hook: Gavotta D major
J.W. Häßler: Poco Allegro, op. 38/3
J.W. Häßler: Tempo di Minuetto, op. 38/4
J.W. Häßler: Moderato, op. 38/12
D.G. Türk: Carefree Jack
D.G. Türk: Lullaby
D.G. Türk: I feel so sick and faint
D.G. Türk: Arioso
J.G. Witthauer: Dance C major
J.G. Witthauer: Allegretto F major
J.G. Witthauer: Gavotte A minor
M. Clementi: Arietta C major, op. 42/5
A. Reinagle: Allegro, op. 1/4
A. Reinagle: Allegretto, op. 1/5
A. Reinagle: Allegretto, op. 1/9
A. Reinagle: Allegretto op. 1/11
W.A. Mozart: Allegro KV 1b
W.A. Mozart: Allegro DV 1c
N.-J. Hüllmandel: Minuetto, op. 5/1
N.-J. Hüllmandel: Allegro, op. 5/5
C.H. Wilton: Little Sonata C major
J.J. Ryba: Two Little Inventions No. 1 C major, No. 2 A minor
D.G. Steibelt: Adagio A minor
A.E. Müller: Andantino, Handstück No. 5
A.E. Müller: Andante, Handstück No. 9
L.v. Beethoven: German Dance WoO 8/1
L.v. Beethoven: Russian Folk Song, op. 107/3
A. Diabelli: Allegretto, op. 125/3
A. Diabelli: Vivace, op. 125/7
C.M.v. Weber: Allemande, op. 4/2
M. Szymanowska: Mazurka
C. Czerny: Allegro, op. 777/3
C. Czerny: Allegretto, op. 823/7
C.T. Brunner: Andante, op. 487/38
C.T. Brunner: Andantino, op. 487/41
H. Wohlfahrt: Moderato A minor
F. Schubert: Ländler B-flat major D 378/2
R. Schumann: Little Piece, op. 68/5
F.de Couppey: Melody No. 14
F. de Couppey: Arabian Air
F. Spindler: Song without Words
L. Kühler: Piano Piece, op. 190/27
L. Köhler: Piano Piece, op. 190/30
L. Köhler: Piano Piece, op. 190/31
C. Gurlitt: Going to School, op. 117/14
C. Gurlitt: Consolation, op. 179/12
C. Gurlitt: Waltz, op. 179/17
C. Gurlitt: Gavotte, op. 210/9
I. Bartalus: Two Hungarian Melodies No. 1 and No. 2
H. Henkel: Piano Piece No. 13
C. Reinecke: Scherzino, op. 136/1
C. Reinecke: Elegy E minor op. 183/2
E. Breslaur: Cuckoo, op. 46/21
E. Breslaur: Waltz, op. 46/25
O. Bolck: Sonatine C major op. 30/4, 1st movement
F. Scotson Clark: Tarantella
M.W. Vogel: Brave Knight
M.W. Vogel: Waltz
R. Fuchs: Proud Horseman, op. 47/2
R. Fuchs: Sad at Heart, op. 47/5
A. Sartorio: On Tip-Toe, op. 783/8
A. Gretchaninoff: Farewell, op. 98/4
A. Gretchaninoff: Elephant's Dance
E. Satie: Menus propos enfantins No. 2
E. Satie: Enfantillages pittoresques No. 2- E. Satie: Peccadilles importunes No. 3
C. Scott: Teddy-bear's Headache
B. Bartók: Andante
G.F. Humbert: The Chocolate Automat
G.F. Humbert: Tarantella
G.F. Humbert: The Music Box
G.F. Humbert: Sad Song
G.F. Humbert: Walzer
P. Hindemith: Song
C. Orff: Two Pieces from the Piano Exercises No. 1 and No. 2
D. Kabalevsky: Dance, op. 39/9
D. Kabalevsky: Waltz, op. 39/13
D. Shostakovich: March, op. 69/1
D. Shostakovich: Waltz, op. 69/2
H. Badings: Sarabande
H. Badings: Country Dance
G. Kretschmer: Little Waltz
G. Kretschmer: Little Minuet
G. Kretschmer: Little Prelude
B. Heller: The Melody in the Box
B. Heller: Waves
H.-G. Heumann: Prelude C major
H.-G. Heumann: Mazurka D minor
H.-G. Heumann: Minuet G major

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Piano piccolo
111 Little and Very Easy Original Classical Piano Pieces
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very easy - easy
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A rich treasure trove for teachers and amateur musicians – and a great gift for any pianist!

The editions of the Pianissimo series are very popular among teachers and amateur musicians. In comprehensive anthologies they cover a varied repertoire focusing on different topics: from very easy (Piano Piccolo) to somewhat more demanding (Liebestraum), from the best-selling title Für Elise to the volume The Entertainer, with entertaining pieces from classical to pop music.
The piano pieces are arranged faithfully to the original, with added fingerings to make the first steps into this series much easier.


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