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Younghi Pagh-Paan

About Younghi Pagh-Paan

Younghi Pagh-Paan was born in 1945 in Cheongju, South Korea. She studied from 1965 to 1971 at Seoul National University. In 1974, she received a DAAD scholarship that allowed her to attend the Hochschule for Music in Freiburg, Germany, where she studied composition with Klaus Huber, analysis with Brian Ferneyhough, music theory with Peter Förtig, and piano with Edith Picht Axenfeld. She completed her studies in 1979. She first attracted international attention when her orchestral work Sori was performed at the Donaueschingen Festival in 1980. Her chamber opera Mondschatten was premiered in Stuttgart in 2006. Pagh-Paan has been the recipient of numerous international awards. She became a professor for composition at the Hochschule for the Arts in Bremen in 1994 and has been a member of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin since 2009. Younghi Pagh Paan lives in Bremen, Germany, and Panicale, Italy. – www.pagh-paan.de