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Vicente Asencio

Country of origin: Spain
Birthday: October 29, 1908
Date of death: April 4, 1979

About Vicente Asencio

Vicente Asencio was born in Valencia in 1908. He studied piano with Frank Marshall in Barcelona and later moved to Paris where Turina and Halffter became his mentors.
As a renowned teacher, he later founded the Castéllon de la Plana Conservatoire and for many years also was a professor of harmony and composition at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Valencia.
In 1934 Asencio participated in writing a manifesto of the 'Grupo de los Jóvenes', a movement of Valencian composers: 'We strive for the realization of a powerful and rich Valencian art music in the form of a productive and pluralistic Valencian School which gives universal expression to the psychological subtlety and the emotional world of our people and our landscape.' He always remained closely connected to this music of Valencia.
Asencio who called himself a composer of 'tonal' music wrote numerous orchestral works and ballets, but was particularly drawn toward guitar music. His compositions were performed by famous performers such as Segovia and Yepes among others.His works 'Collectici íntim' (GA 617) and 'Sonatina et Elegia' (SF 9165) have been published by Schott Music.