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Trio Omphalos

About Trio Omphalos

Trio Omphalos features the rare instrumentation of clarinet, percussion, and piano. The ensemble was founded in 2005 by clarinetist Stefan Hülsermann, percussionist Olaf Pyras, and pianist Ji-Youn Song. The group’s repertoire consists primarily of contemporary works, including numerous premieres, commissioned works, and arrangements by the members of the trio. The ensemble is fascinated by experimental music, and has been involved in collaborative projects with composers, visual artists, and museums. Omphalos is the Greek word for navel and was the name of a statue in Delphi marking the center of the world. Thus, the Trio Omphalos seeks to convey the focusing power of music. The grave of Dionysus was said to lie under omphalos, and so the trio also wants to bring the ecstatic power of music to life.

Stefan Hülsermann, clarinet, is both a performer and a teacher, playing with ensembles such as DuoSong and the Schellberg Trio as well as with various orchestras. He performs the Classical-Romantic literature as well as 20th century and contemporary works. He teaches at the Institut für Musik of Kassel University. Hülsermann studied with Wilhelm Rupp and Ernst Kindermann at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, where he completed his concert examination. He is also grateful for many years of work with the conductors Peter Baberkoff and Jürgen Kussmaul. Stefan Hülsermann was born in Oberhausen.

Olaf Pyras, percussion, is active as a performer, composer, and teacher. He was one of the founders of the series achtmal alte brüderkirche in Kassel. He has been invited both as a performer and composer to festivals such as WOW, the World Drummer Meeting in Hamburg, Schweizer Tonkünstlerfest, KlangZeiten Münster, and David Lang´s Festival of Music in Dublin. He has taken part in numerous premieres and first performances as well as the composition project neue töne für junge ohren – Komponieren mit Kindern. Pyras teaches at the Institut für Musik of Kassel University and at the University of the Arts in Berlin. He studied percussion with Stephan Froleyks in Münster, composition with Reinhard Karger, and music and art in Kassel. Olaf Pyras was born in Göttingen.

Ji-Youn Song, piano, is a performer, teacher, and concert organizer with a particular interest in contemporary music. She has created a number of concert series, such as achtmal alte brüderkirche; Vier, Drei Zwei, Eins!; Horror hoch drei; and Inne Hallen. She is a member of DuoSong and has been a guest at the Kasseler Musiktagen. Song teaches at the Institut für Musik of Kassel University. She won the Kunstpreis of the city of Kassel in 2005 and has performed with Ensemble Modern since 2012. She studied with Bob Versteegh and Kristi Becker at the Hochschule for Music in Detmold, as well as with Hermann Kretzschmar, Ueli Wiget, and Rumi Ogawa at the International Ensemble Modern Academy. Ji-Youn Song was born in Seoul.

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