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Trance Mission

About Trance Mission

The pulse of the earth and the wind in the desert

TRANCE MISSION were the core formation and flagship of the San Francisco based ethno ambient label 'City Of Tribes', and the group has become famous for a musical melange of the most sphisticated and special kind. Stephen Kent's artistic handling of the Didgeridoo and John Loose's polyrhythmic percussions form the archaically appealing basement of the project's fascinating Ambient-excursions, topped by the floating fragile soundscapes of Kenneth Newby's and Beth Custer's variety of reeds, which in parts lend the music a virtually jazzy flair - then again some oriental magic. The mysteriously luring voice of Eda Maxym on some tracks adds another spellbinding feature to the music of Trance Mission's. Music for 21st century fairy tales.