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Spīķeru String Quartet

About Spīķeru String Quartet

Spīķeru String Quartet is a team of musicians who play together in an unusually friendly and creative manner since 2011. The quartet unites the principal violin of Sinfonietta Rīga orchestra Marta Spārnina, the assistant principal violin Antti Kortelainen, a viola section member Ineta Abakuka and the principal cello of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, Eriks Kiršfelds.

The quartet’s name is derived from the daily base of the quartet – Spīķeri concert hall in Riga – its English version (speaker) also indicating that they are the speakers through which the music talks. The repertoire of the quartet covers a wide range – from the works of Vienna classics to the most contemporary scores. A special place in the repertoire of the quartet is reserved for popularizing string quartets of Latvian composers.

Spīķeru String Quartet gladly welcomes other musicians for joint performing, as well as extra-musical activities. Members of Spīķeru String Quartet are tied together not only by strings, they also share a taste for humor, joy of life and ... cooking.