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Saed Haddad

Country of origin: Jordan
Birthday: 1972

About Saed Haddad

Saed Haddad, born in 1972, is a Jordanian composer, now resident in Germany, of orchestral, ensemble and chamber works that have been performed in Europe, North America and Asia. 
- Studied piano at the age of 10 
- B.A. in philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit - Leuven 1989-93 
- B.A. Mus. Jordan Academy of Music 1993-96 
- MA Mus & Artist diploma in composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1998-01 
- Ph.D. in composition at King's College London (supervisor: George Benjamin) 2002-05 
- Masters classes with Louis Andreissen, Helmut Lachenmann and Pascal Dusapin among many others.