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Ensemble Resonanz

About Ensemble Resonanz

With a combination of innovative programming, youthful enthusiasm, and the highest artistic standards, Ensemble Resonanz has gained a reputation as one of the world’s leading chamber orchestras. The ensemble’s programs encourage a lively dialogue between contemporary pieces and the music of earlier periods, creating a resonance between the works, the audience, and the stories that surround the programs.
The 18-member string ensemble is democratically organized and works without a permanent conductor. However, the group regularly invites distinguished artists such as violist Tabea Zimmermann, violinist Isabelle Faust, cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras, and conductor/composer Emilio Pomàrico to collaborate as artistic partners. The violinist and conductor Riccardo Minasi, a long-time friend of the ensemble, has been Artist-in-Residence since the summer of 2018.
As the resident ensemble in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, Ensemble Resonanz presents the “resonanzen” series, children’s concerts, and a variety of festivals. In a reconfigured wartime bunker in the city’s St. Pauli neighborhood, the “resonanzraum” is Europe’s first chamber music club; the concert series “urban string”, where the ensemble works together with DJ artists, received the Innovation Award in 2016 as the most innovative format in the world of classical music.
Outside Hamburg, Ensemble Resonanz regularly performs in many of the world’s leading concert halls and festivals in cities ranging from Vienna and Amsterdam to Tokyo, Hanoi, and Bangkok.