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The portrait CD of Johannes Kreidler centres on his collage works which form the starting point of his project of a musical conceptual art. “I only compose where there is something to compose.”

The idea of music with music is crucial for his work. And so the works “Living in a Box”, “cache surrealism” and “in hyper intervals” deal with the ever-present availability of music due to digitization. Kreidler uses other people's musical material which he (re)combines with instrumental sounds, among others, and gives it new contexts. In “product placements” with 70,000 third-party quotes in 33 seconds, he brings the use of fragments of prefabricated music to a climax, thus questioning at the same time the institutional regulations which are provided by the copyright registration of each of these works with a collecting society.

In order to adequately depict the media diversity of his work, an audiovisual data carrier has been added to the CD. The conceptual pieces of the attached DVD are “loose, often associative structures made of music, pictures and text, they play with symbols and meanings, follow inherent aesthetic laws, are subtle, at times ‘nerdy’ and sometimes overtly silly” (Michael Rebhahn). The DVD presents, amongst other things, the documentation of his work “Fremdarbeit” which is also contained on the CD as audio version. The outsourcing of the production process to composers in India and China not only raises the issue of original and copy but also explores the global disproportions of the movement of goods and capital.

co-production: Deutschlandradio Kultur / Hessischer Rundfunk


in hyper intervals for violin, clarinet / bass clarinet, percussion, piano and tape (2006–08)
cache surrealism
for baritone saxophone, accordion, violoncello and tape (2008)
Fremdarbeit for four instruments (2009)
product placements
digital audio (2008)
Living in a Box
for large ensemble and sampler (2010)


Nadar Ensemble / Daan Janssens: conductor / Ensemble LUX:NM / ensemble mosaik / Ensemble Modern / Johannes Kalitzke: conductor

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Musik mit Musik
CD plus DVD
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WER 64132
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