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Keyboard Essentials

Playing Keyboards the New Way
Vol. 1
The Keyboard Method for all one manual models with automatic accompaniment and rhythm facility for teaching and private study
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Keyboard Essentials is aimed at all who want to learn to play keyboards successfully in methodically thought-out teaching units with the aid of popular songs and useful tips, through tutoring or private study. It is aimed at beginners of all ages but also, for example, wind players, singers or guitarists who want to become musical 'insiders' and who through playing the keyboard see an introduction to improvisation, composition, harmony, etc. On the keyboard in particular, with its clearly arranged, regular structure of keys, scales, chords, and harmonic relations are presented more clearly and systematically than on any other instrument. Musicians with previous knowledge may join in at volume 2 or 3.


Before we begin to play (Notation)
The clef
Lager lines
Keyboard and notation
Test 1
Hand position
The first notes
The first songs
Test 2
Note values
Test 3
4/4 time
3/4 time
Test 4
Let's have a rest!
Upbeats and pick-up notes
Test 5
Drummer wanted!
The left hand must know when it's needed
A new note
Test 6
The repeat sign
The tie
On the move
Test 7
Introducing the quaver
Test 8
The chord F
Test 9
How to save space
To B or not to B?
Now you're in for it!
Test 10
Test 11
Test 12
SFC Chord Tebles
Index of Songs and Pieces
Solutions to the tests
The main learning aims of Alex Benson's tutor-method

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Keyboard Essentials
Playing Keyboards the New Way
Vol. 1
Level of difficulty:
very easy
Schott Music

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ED 7710
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