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Fault Lines

for flute and string orchestra
flute and string orchestra
Product number: LSHM 50403
Edition: Performance material

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Fault Lines is a piece that explores a onemovement concerto form. I am interested in the idea that the form of a concerto can be driven by the dramatic unfolding of the relationship between the soloist and the ensemble. But also sometimes the lines can become blurred between these two distinct roles, which they do in my piece. And yet it is hard to deny their essentially contrasted relationship: the faultlines of perception are not undeniable. Hannah Lash

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Fault Lines
for flute and string orchestra
Performance material
Schott Helicon Music Corporation
Year of composition:
15 ′
World Premiere:
August 27, 2019 · Presteigne (UK)
Presteigne Festival
2019 Presteigne Festival
Katherine Bryan, flute · Conductor: George Vaas · Presteigne Festival Orchestra

Commissioned work :
Commissioned by the Presteigne Festival, with generous financial support from the John S Cohen Foundation and the George Vaas Commission Fund

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Product number:
LSHM 50403


Set Ascending Direction
  • Fault Lines
    2019 Presteigne Festival
    Conductor: George Vaas
    Orchestra: Presteigne Festival Orchestra
    August 27, 2019 | Presteigne (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) , Presteigne Festival — World premiere
  • Set Ascending Direction


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