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Like hardly any other personality in music history, Harry Partch has freed himself from the constraints of musical conventions. He has not only left the beaten paths of the conservatories, but has also developed his own microtonal sound system, which he has captured in spectacularly beautiful, archaically wild yet angularly modern instruments that are indispensable for a live performance.

Since 2013, Ensemble Musikfabrik has been the only ensemble in possession of a full set of replica Partch instruments. These are not used solely for the performance of Partch’s own music, however; through numerous commissions in the context of their project "pitch 43_tuning the cosmos", they have inspired composers from all over the world to immerse themselves in these fantastical musical sculptures and their world of microtonal sounds.

This CD presents three outstanding examples of the many and varied ways in which the Cologne-based ensemble has taken up Partch’s legacy:  Sampo Haapamäki’s "Heritage", "Wooden Clouds" by Martin Smolka and" Voices for Harry Partch" by Carola Bauckholt.

The booklet poster shows Gerhard Richter's "Betty" from 1988, which artistically comments on the thematic bundling of the programme from the highlights of the series "Musikfabrik im WDR". Richter has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ensemble Musikfabrik since 2009.

A production of Westdeutschen Rundfunks, Köln. Licensed by WDR mediagroup GmbH.
An initiative project by Kunststiftung NRW and Ensemble Musikfabrik | Landesensemble NRW.


Sampo Haapamäki: Heritage for ensemble with Harry Partch instruments (2016)
Martin Smolka: Wooden Clouds for ensemble with Harry Partch instruments (2017/18)
Carola Bauckholt: Voices for Harry Partch for ensemble with Harry Partch instruments (2014/15)


Ensemble Musikfabrik / conductor: Sian Edwards, Clement Power

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Edition Musikfabrik
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Edition Musikfabrik

Highlights from the radio concert series “Musikfabrik im WDR”. This edition of thematically arranged programs provides an exciting foray into recent music history. Premieres are juxtaposed with “classics” of New Music.


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