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Edward Scissorhands

A Tim Burton Film
Original Score, Second Edition
Product number: OMNI 79555
Edition: Study score
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In the enchanting world of Tim Burton's imagination, creativity is born from a sense of isolation and the longing to be understood. As a teenager in the quaint town of Burbank, this brilliant filmmaker's early experiences of feeling misunderstood sparked the creation of one of his most iconic and emotionally resonant works - the spellbinding tale of Edward Scissorhands.

Once 20th Century Fox gave their approval to Burton's visionary project, he joined forces with the talented Caroline Thompson, weaving their collective brilliance into a meticulously crafted screenplay. Drawing inspiration from Thompson's influential 1983 novelette, "First Born," the duo fashioned a story that beautifully melds the realms of fairy tale and tragic romance. Within the vast tapestry of Burton's filmography, this cinematic gem shines as his most poignant and emotionally profound masterpiece.

A pivotal element that breathes life into the music-box innocence, quirkiness, and dark mystery of the titular character is Danny Elfman's exquisite score. With the skill of a master composer, Elfman captures the essence of Edward Scissorhands, painting a sonic picture that not only embraces the character's tender romance but also reverberates with the haunting essence of the town he inhabits. By seamlessly blending the vibrant colors of 1960s suburban life with the stark contrasts of the modern era, Burton provides a visual feast for the eyes, and Elfman's score serves as the perfect auditory companion, filling the soundtrack with the nostalgic sounds of that era.

Within this enchanting auditory realm, the soundscape is dominated by the captivating tones of an alto saxophone, the playful plucking of pizzicato strings, and the captivating rhythms of up-tempo music. However, it is during the mesmerizing ice dance sequence that Elfman's brilliance truly shines, capturing the very essence of the film's magic. And just as the audience reaches the apex of their emotional journey, Elfman concludes with a heart-wrenching end credits suite, evoking a torrent of emotions that linger beyond the final frames of the film.

This remarkable second edition of the Edward Scissorhands score now emerges with a fresh design, offering a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Within its hallowed pages, music enthusiasts ranging from seasoned musicians to aspiring students of music, from esteemed conductors to passionate lovers of the art can embark on an immersive study of this musical masterpiece. With meticulous care, every note has been faithfully reproduced and edited from the original handwritten manuscript, ensuring that this edition stands as a true representation of the recording. To enhance the reader's journey, the volume includes a mesmerizing foreword by none other than the mastermind himself, Danny Elfman. Furthermore, a captivating presentation on the main themes and compositional nuances awaits, guiding the reader through the intricate layers of this melodic gem.

Prepare to embark on a symphonic odyssey through the ethereal world of Edward Scissorhands. Let the harmonies and melodies transport you to a realm of pure emotion and wonder, as the power of music and cinema converge in perfect harmony.

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Edward Scissorhands
A Tim Burton Film
Original Score, Second Edition
Study score
OMNI Music Publishing
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OMNI 79555
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