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Work of the Week – Daniel Kidane: Aloud

A fight for life: Daniel Kidane wrote his new violin concerto Aloud for Julia Fischer. She will premiere it on 16 March 2024 at the Royal Festival Hall in London, accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Edward Gardner.

Kidane composed Aloud with the aim of exploring the momentum and energy between violin and orchestra. As a former violinist, he had had the idea of writing something lively for this instrumentation for some time. While working on Aloud, he was also troubled by world events, namely the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine - countries with which he has family ties.

Aloud by Daniel Kidane: fierce and touching

In this context, he remembered an old Cossack folk song: "Чёрный Ворон" ("Black Raven").The song is about a raven circling over an injured Cossack.The Cossack says to the raven: "Why are you circling over me? Your prey will always elude you. Black raven, I am not yours". The folk song is not only touching, but also fierce. It reminds us that the suffering of ordinary people is often drowned out by political rhetoric.

A veiled form of the folk tune, which is heard at the very start of Aloud, becomes the kernal within my work for the struggle for life, and an energetic musical opposition to the scourge of war. (Daniel Kidane)

Shortly after the world premiere of Aloud, another work by Daniel Kidane can be experienced in London. The Trinity Laban Symphony Orchestra will perform Sun Poem on 28 March 2024 at Blackheath Halls.

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photo: Kaupo Kikkas


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