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The music performed by Bilja Krstić & Bistrik Orchestra is a blend of traditional ethno music, A capella songs and ethno grooves with elements of improvisation and modern music approach. Their aim is to translate folklore into contemporary art, to awaken the heart and give rebirth and energy to forgotten emotions.

“Folklore is one part of a nation's artistic heritage that is in danger of dying out.  So it needs to be carefully nurtured.  These days, we watch as cultures collide, meld and fuse. This makes it increasingly difficult to maintain an original cultural identity. The fusion of cultures is an enriching experience, but so too is preserving what is unique to ourselves. The traditional music of the Balkan lands is part of that unique heritage. It can trace its origins all the way back to Ancient Greece.  For centuries it has absorbed influences from both East and West, yet it has held on to its originality, thanks to rhythms and melodies that come to life when performed in front of an audience. And this rich folk tradition continues to evolve into new shapes and forms. By combining traditional folk song with a full orchestral sound, we have tried to give a new lease of life to songs that tell a story.  Songs that are sad, songs those are happy. Songs that speak of love. Songs that tell of tragedy, songs that carry a moral. Above all, songs those are authentic. These songs ride in a carriage! They run across a meadow, they smell of quince, they ache with a lost love. They are simple and deep, sweet and voluptuous - the Tarpoš.

TARPOŠ – as the cap under which we placed eleven pearls of traditional music
TARPOŠ – as the art of singing
TARPOŠ – as the essence of folk music
TARPOŠ -  as the jewel in the crown of folk songs from Serbia, Eastern Herzegovina, North-eastern Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece.

TARPOŠ is made up of songs that I have chosen and come to love. They contain a part of me and I am sure that each and every one of them will find a receptive listener who will recognise my intentions – sincere, simple and straight from my heart. I wouldn’t change anything in any one of these songs. I stand behind every phrase, sigh, every emotion that one can feel here. I want to thank the Bistrik Orchestra and all my friends for their loyal support during a challenging period of work. I hope, I want to believe that my rediscovery of these ancient songs will go some small way to reminding us all of our roots.” (Bilja Krstić)


Jana And The Turk
The Star Flickered
Quinces And Apples
Moonlight Warmth
The Carriage Is Rocking
Marton Szep Ilona
Nine Sheperds Resting
I Came To See You
Purim Purim
Jano Sevadalino
The Sad Letter
Quinces And Apples (A Capella)


Bilja Krstić: vocals / Dragomir Stanojević: keyboard / Nenad Josifović: violin / Milinko Ivanović : pipe, duduk / Ljuba Ninkovic: sargija, guitar / Nenad Božić: guitar, tamboura, back vocal / Branko Isaković: bass guitar / Slobodan Božanić: ass guitar, back vocal / Maja Klisinski: percussion, back vocal / Ruža Rudić: back vocal / Nena Radonic: back vocal / Bata Bozanić: bass guitar / Moma Stanojević: violin / Ivica Mit: clarinet / Vladan Nedeljkov: guitar / Dušan Ljubinković: vocal, bass / Dejan Popin: horn / Rade Mijatović: accordion / Goce Uzunski: tapan, darbouka / Marjan Jovanovski: tampoura / Goce Dimovski: bagpipes, zurla

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Bilja Krstic - Tarpos
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