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Two-Part Inventions

soprano and tenor recorder
Les flûtistes à bec auront désormais le plaisir de jouer, eux aussi, les inventions à deux voix, collection célèbre de petites compositions de Jean-Sébastien Bach, grâce à cette transcription pour deux flûtes à bec.
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Now even recorder players can enjoy the well-known and popular collection of little compositions, the two-part inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach, in this new publication for recorder duet. The task of arranging the works was made easier by the author as the compositions for two hands, in the original version written for a keyboard instrument, contain exclusively one-part melodies. It therefore sufficed to transpose only the left hand to the treble clef. Then other passages had to be adapted to the range of the two recorders by means of octave transposition. These changes have not spoilt the charm and attractiveness of the polyphonic works; on the contrary, they have led to a beautiful collection of recorder duets.


BWV 772
BWV 773
BWV 774
BWV 775
BWV 776
BWV 777
BWV 778
BWV 779
BWV 780
BWV 780
BWV 782
BWV 782
BWV 783
BWV 785
BWV 786 

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Two-Part Inventions
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P 5067 Q41702
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