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48 Original Piano Pieces
English Waltz, American Boston, Mazurka polonaise ou Valse musette ...Ce recueil offre une histoire musicale de la valse : tantôt vigoureuse et exubérante, tantôt rêveuse et mélancolique, lente et virtuose ou encore mécanique et ironique – à chaque jour sa valse !
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With Weber's Invitation to the Dance Op. 65, the waltz developed into a great virtuoso form. This art dance was brought to perfection via Schubert and Chopin to Brahms's 'Love Song Waltzes'. Composers such as Smetana, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak or Grieg added elements from the folk music of their home countries to their waltzes. As a result, the waltz may appear as an English Waltz, American Boston, Polish mazurka or French valse musette. Debussy and Martinů turned it into a mechanical puppet dance, Ligeti used its form for his bold experiments, while Joplin or Eduard Pütz incorporated it in jazz music. This collection provides a musical history of the waltz: sturdy and high-spirited, dreamy and melancholic, slow and virtuosic, mechanical and ironic – waltzes for every day!


J. Haydn: German Dance C major
J. Haydn: German Dance Bb major - 
J. Haydn: German Dance G major - J.W. Häßler: Study in 24 Waltzes, op. 49/1 C major
J.W. Häßler: Study in 24 Waltzes, op. 49/1 C minor
M. Clementi: Waltz No. 8 G major - W.A. Mozart: Bread and Butter
L.v. Beethoven: Waltz Eb major WoO 85
C.M.v. Weber: German Waltz C major
C.M.v. Weber: German Waltz G major
F. Schubert: Waltz B minor, op. 18/6
F. Schubert: German Dance B minor, op. 33/5
F. Schubert: German Dance Bb major, op. 33/7
F. Schubert: German Dance A minor, op. 33/10
F. Schubert: Valse noble F major, op. 77/10
F. Chopin: Valse A minor BI 150
F. Chopin: Valse B minor, op. posth. 69/2
F. Chopin: Valse Eb major BI 133
F. Chopin: Valse Db major, op. 64/1 ( Minute Waltz)
R. Schumann: Davidsbündler Dances, op. 6/4
B. Smetana: Waltz Ab major
B. Smetana: Waltz  C minor/C major
W. Bargiel: Waltz D minor, op. 32/8
J. Brahms: Waltz E major, op. 39/2
J. Brahms: Waltz G# minor, op. 39/3
J. Brahms: Waltz D minor, op. 39/9
J. Brahms: Waltz A major, op. 39/15
P.I. Tschaikowsky: Waltz from: Children's Album, op. 39
P.I. Tschaikowsky: Nathalie Waltz op. 51/4
A. Dvořák: Waltz, op. 54/5

E. Grieg: Waltz A minor, op. 12/2
E. Grieg: Waltz E minor, op. 38/7
C. Debussy: Danse de la poupée
E. Nazareth: Confidências from: Valsas brasileiros
A. Gretchaninoff: Grandmother’s Waltz, op. 109/7

E. Satie: The Chocolate Almond Waltz from: Pieces for Young People

S. Joplin: The Augustan Club Waltz
M. Reger: Valse-Impromptu from: Bunte Blätter, op. 36
F. Kreisler: Beautiful Rosemary from: Old Viennese Dance Tunes
B. Martinu: Colombine Dances from: Puppets
S. Prokofjew: Waltz from: Musiques d’enfants, op. 65
E. Pütz: Sentimental Lady from: Waltzing the Blues
G. Ligeti: Tempo di Valse „à l’orgue de Barbarie“ from: Musica ricercata
B. Heller: Where is this Waltz Going? from: Waltzes for Every Day
G. Nevada: Ninette’s Musette from: Romantic Impressions
W. Hiller: Butterfly Waltz from: 2 Miniatures for Children

E. Naoumoff: The Sad Clown (No. 1) from: 13 Anecdotes
E. Naoumoff: Valse (à la Strauß) (No. 2) from: 13 Anecdotes -E. Naoumoff: With Brahms (No. 6) from: 13 Anecdotes

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48 Original Piano Pieces
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