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Programme Music

40 Original Piano Pieces
Diese Sammlung bietet einen historischen Querschnitt mit 40 originalen Klavierstücken, die von außermusikalischen Ereignissen oder Vorstellungen beeinflusst sind.
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This collection provides a historical selection of 40 original piano pieces which have been influenced by extra-musical incidents or ideas: It begins with scenes from nature, describes the fascination of rain, portrays the figure of the shepherd, wanders to 'moon', 'sleep' and 'dream', and concludes with the theme of 'movement' which is visible and audible either at sporting activities and in technical devices or on travels. It is quite fascinating to see that composers such as Burgmüller or Grieg, Beethoven, Debussy, R. Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Villa-Lobos, Satie, Couperin, Martinu, Mendelssohn or Mussorgsky and many others see and musically describe the same themes quite differently.


In the Woods: - Burgmüller, Awakening in the Woods (from: 18 Studies, Op. 109)
Daquin, Rondeau "Le Coucou"
Tschaikowsky, The Lark's Song (from: The Seasons, Op. 37a)
Janácek, The Barnowl has not Flown Away! (from: On Overgrown Paths)
R. Schumann, Lonely Flowers(from: Forest Scenes, Op. 82)
Mac Dowell, To a Wild Rose (from: Woodland Sketches, Op. 51)
Mac Dowell, In Autumn (from: Woodland Sketches, Op.  51)
Grieg, Solitary Traveller (from: Lyric Pieces, Op. 43)
Schoenmehl, Raindrops (from: Little Stories in Jazz)
Prokofieff, The Rain and the Rainbow (from: Musique d'enfants Op. 65)
Kossenko, Rain (from: 24 Children's Pieces Op. 15)
Chopin, Raindrop Prelude Op. 28
Burgmüller, Thunderstorm (from: 18 Studies Op. 109)
Shepherds' Portraits:
Reichardt, Shepherd's Lament
Heller, Shepherd's Song (from: Miscellanées Op. 40)
Villa-Lobos, And the Little Shepherd Sang
Debussy, The Little Shepherd (from: Children's Corner)
Prokofieff, The Moon Goes for a Walk on the Meadows (from: Musique d' enfants)
Beethoven, Adagio sostenuto (from: Sonata C sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 2 "Moonlight Sonata")
Debussy, Clair de Lune (from: Suite bergamasque)
Pütz, Walking on the Moon (from: I'm sorry, Mr. Czerny!)
Tschaikowsky, Sweet Reverie (from: Children's Album, Op. 39)
R. Schumann, Reverie (from: Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15)
R. Schumann, Child Falling Asleep (from: Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15)
Liszt, In a Dream
In Motion:
R. Schumann, The Little Sawn-Wanderer
R. Schumann, The Horseman (from: Album for the Youth, Op. 68)
A. Khatschaturian, Riding (from: Pictures from the Childhood)
H. Villa-Lobos, Dancing (from: Children's Suite)
Satie, The Races (from: Sports et Divertissements)
Couperin: The Small Windmills
Nielsen, The Musical Clock (from: Humoresque Bagatelles Op. 11)
Ibert, The Sewing Machine (from: Petite Suite en 15 images)
Martinu, Par T. S. F. (Par télégraphie sans fils)
Naoumoff, The Malicious Metronome (from: 13 Anecdotes pour Piano)
En Tour:
Norton: Inter-city Stomp (from: Microjazz)
Bartók: Boating (from: Mikrokosmos V)
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Venetian Gondola Song (from: Songs Without Words Op. 30/6)
Moussorgsky, The Ox Cart (from: Pictures at an Exhibition)
Schoenmehl, Train Journey

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Programme Music
40 Original Piano Pieces
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Schott Music

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