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... von dieser Sterneinsamkeit zu jener Sterneinsamkeit

2. Lesung für Harfe Solo
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Originally one of the numbers from the accordion cycle Metaphysical Jazz op. 22q bis, the same harmonic material is once again used, so to speak, for a "2nd reading" for harp, although in its design it is a completely autonomous musical entity. The first part of the piece appears as a lively organism with a plethora of thematically divergent sections that gradually calm down. The second part begins very quietly, even mysteriously, to gradually become more lively until it dissipates in the final measures. The minimal structures in the first part represent the tangibility of the subject matter, which consists of many different characters—from the dramatic to the playful to the mysterious and dance-like, to name a few. The second part on the other hand, is dominated by the great line, which emerges quite mystically from the final fermata of the second part, as if one astronomer suddenly noticed that behind a galaxy there is a celestial object that emits strange signals—perhaps acoustic waves?

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... von dieser Sterneinsamkeit zu jener Sterneinsamkeit
2. Lesung für Harfe Solo
Verlagsgruppe Hermann
op. 22 / Q.ter
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Product number:
VGH 2703-70


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