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‘Visions' is the title of this artist.cd. Visions in which the past and the future merge, are the subject of the 'Apokalyptische Vision 2000 für Chor, Sprecher und elektronische Klänge' [Apocalyptic Vision 2000 for choir, narrator and electronic sounds] the texts of which have been taken from the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. This work was created at the suggestion of R. Kreile, cantor of the Dresdner Kreuzchor, who gave the first performance of this work with his choristers with great devotion. 'Lumière cendrée' has to be considered in an intuitive sense, an electronic composition the title of which means 'Reflection of the light of the Earth on the Moon'. Metallic sounds and singing voices (Tibetan monk/boy's voice) form the basis of a multi-layered musical discourse. The work was commissioned by the Festival Synthèse 2002 Bourges.
The other two compositions bridge the gap between non-European countries. 'Kyoto Bells', a work of light sounds, full of resonance, the transparency of which possesses a strongly spiritual character, was created for the 1200th anniversary of the city of Kyoto. Characterized by an illusionary character, 'Trance or Lamento di Bali' is a work in which I used original samples of a gamelan that I had recorded during my study trip through Java and Bali and that are a testimony of a living culture full of subtlety and vitality.


Lumière cendrée
Apokalyptische Vision 2000
Kyoto Bells
Trance oder Lamento di Bali

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ARTS 81052
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