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Troubadoure Allahs

Sufi Music from the Indus Valley
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As multifaceted as popular Sufism is, so varied too are the musical styles of the Indus Valley, which have been largely unknown until now. The spectrum reaches from ecstatic "qawwali" compositions by way of mystically inspired love poetry and popular melodies to the Shaman-influenced trance music of the Baluchis and the songs of the dervishes and fakirs. It is not simply music in the narrow sense that defines the life of the dervishes, their whole existence is a tapestry of sound that is woven from diverse musical threads. Their music reflects a love of God and the joy of existence. More than anywhere else in the Islamic world, in the Indus valley where music has played an important role in spreading a sensual and tolerant faith and has influenced the life of a population inspired by the Sufis. In the Punjab, the main musical form is the "kafi", of which there is a rural folk and an urban classical variety. In Sindh we find a large number of different forms. The "ways" preserved at the shrine of Shah Latif in their original form follow the metrical rules of the Sindhi language. Most of the poets of the Indus valley, who wanted to reach the masses, used the colloquial languages of the people, whereas "qawwali", on the other hand, made use of the general language Urdu. It is not only music in a narrower sense that defines the life of the dervishes: Their whole existence seems to be a kind of sound carpet woven from manifold acoustical threads. Let the triad of music, describing texts and pictures full of atmosphere bring you to a wonderful new world.


Bahauddin Qutbuddin Qawwal & Party: Khyal Ang Qawwali
Mobarak & Molabakhsh Nuri: Qalandari Tune
Lakhano Jogi: Sanpon ka Dhun
Taj Mastani: Haloon Nai Kinjhar Te
Qurban Fakir & Ensemble: Way of Shah Abdul Latif
Allan Fakir: Swali hun na khali hun
Allah Bachayo Khoso & Ensemble: Sur Sorath
Pathane Khan: Mera ishq bhi tu
Ghulam Ali Qawwal & Party: Diwana main diwana
Hamid Ali Bela: Kere des to aiye kuriye
Nasiruddin Khan Saami & Ensemble: Tarana in Rag Bhairavi
Allah Rakha Khan: Dhun in Rag Kaushi Dhvani
Mai Sabhagi & Ensemble: Mara Lal Wanjara Maro Paialo Gujrat
Arbab Ali Khoso & Ensemble: Sur Tilang
Mai Hanju & Ensemble: Rim Jhim Boondan Barseen
Muhammad Fakir: Sur Malhar
Husain: Shah Latif ka Kalam
Sohrab Fakir & Ensemble: Aiya Mukha Wakhan
Faqira Bhagat: Lullaby
Fakirs at the shrine of Bullhe Shah: Tha Theiya Theiya
Pappu & Joora Sain: Dhol Duo

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Troubadoure Allahs
Sufi Music from the Indus Valley
80-page booklet
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SM 16172
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