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Triplo concerto barocco

für Kammerorchester
Chamber Orchestra
Hans Werner Henze used original music by Scarlatti, Handel and Vivaldi to evoke the baroque lifestyle for a TV film of José Montes-Baquer based on the novella ’Concierto Barocco’ by the Cuban Alejo Carpentier; the film music of L’amour à mort by the French master director Alain Resnais was turned into a sonata by Henze.
Edition: Performance material

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Hans Werner Henze skilfully spans the distance between the Baroque and modern periods in his music for José Montes-Baquer’s film ’Montezuma’ dating from 1980, undertaking an entertaining journey through time and different countries accompanied by the protagonist of this story. Around twenty years later, Henze made a concert version for three quasi-solo instruments and chamber orchestra.
The first movement begins with the tuning of the instruments. This general unrest is followed by an Allegro vivace in which the swinging Baroque dance style gradually breaks out of its harmonic and tonal constraints and is subsequently blended with bizarre rhythms. The concluding Tarantella begins with the virtuoso piano part, building up gradually into a contrapuntal texture incorporating jazz elements and tonal explorations to a dazzling climax.

Orchestral Cast

Picc. · 2 · 1 · Cornetto (oder Ob. d'am. oder Engl. Hr.) · 0 · 0 - 0 · 1 · 0 · 0 - P. S. (Marimba · 4 hg. Beck. · Crot. · 3 Gongs · Schellentr. · 2 Bong. · Tomt. · 2 afrik. Tr. · Trinidad Steel Drum · Tempelbl. · Schüttelrohr) (4 Spieler) - Cemb. (konzertierend) · Klav. (konzertierend) · Org. (konzertierend) · 1 Trumscheit - Str.


I [auskomponiertes Stimmen der Instrumente]
II Allegro vivace
III Tarantella

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Triplo concerto barocco
für Kammerorchester
Performance material
Schott Music
Year of composition:
1980 (2003)
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World Premiere:
August 9, 2004 · Berlin (D)
young.euro.classic 2004
Conductor: Arturo Tamayo · Joven Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias


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Set Ascending Direction
  • Triplo concerto barocco
    RUHR.2010 - Kulturhauptstadt Europas - "Das Henze-Projekt. Neue Musik für eine Metropole"
    Conductor: Florian Ludwig
    Orchestra: Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen
    June 22, 2010 | Hagen (Germany) , Stadthalle
  • Triplo concerto barocco
    young.euro.classic 2004
    Conductor: Arturo Tamayo
    Orchestra: Joven Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias
    August 9, 2004 | Berlin (Germany) , Konzerthaus — World Premiere
  • Set Ascending Direction

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    Triplo concerto barocco


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