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The Art Of Harp, Volume 2

International Harp Festival
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The wind blows through the strings of the wind harp and makes them vibrate. …Rüdiger Oppermann, the 'founder of the Celtic harp scene' in Germany, is regarded as one of the most innovative and prominent harpists outside of classical music. Oppermann found his inspiration with Alan Stvell.


Windharp: Wind Sounds
Rüdiger Oppermann: Tarantella (Germany)
Sileas: Cameron MacFayden, Dr Camerons Casebook, Miss Kirsten Lindsay Morrison (Sctoland)
Ayub Ogada: Obiero (Kenya)
Alan Stivell: La Dame Du Lac Bretagne)
Nancy Allen: Toccata (USA)
Wolfgang Schafferer: Agattanz (Austria)
Wolfgang Schafferer: Der lustige Tiroler (Austria)
African Jungle Harp Music: Slim Ubenego Awobi Ira
African Jungle Harp Music: Playing The Ngombi Na Peke
African Jungle Harp Music: Plaing The Musical Bow
African Jungle Harp Music: Bounaka
African Jungle Harp Music: Playing The Dingili
African Jungle Harp Music: Playing The Ndomu Bow-Harp
Rüdiger Oppermann: Fragile Balance (Germany)
Nancy Allen: Morning Serenade (From Romeo And Juliet (USA)
Nancy Allen: Le Coucou (USA)
Sileas: Buain A'Choirce (Scotland)
Sileas: Miss Ann Cameron, Amys Rollerskates, Paddys Leather Breeches (Scotland)
Harp Attack: Blues From Harpistan (Germany)
Harp Attack: News From Harpistan (Germany)
Angel Dario Gonzalez: Llegada (Paraguay) - Wolfgang Schafferer: Reseler Marsch (Austria)
Wolfgang Schafferer: Kehraus (Austria)
Ozengi & Pyerina: The Magic Spell That Didn't Work Out (Uganda)


Rüdiger Oppermann: celtic harp, wire harp, electric harp, oppertronic electric harp / T. König: violin / R. Granzin: keyboards / K. Burger: cimbasso / Jatinder Thakur: tables / T. Baldu: drums / Mary MacMaster: wire strings / Patsy Seddon: cat gut strings / Ayub Ogada: nyatiti, vocals / Alex Gifford: organ / Alan Stivell: celtic harp, vocals / Nancy Allen: concert harp / Wolfgang Schafferer: tyrolean folk harp / Martin Hobwalter: keyboards, percussion / Angel Dario Gonzalez: Paraguay harp / Ozengi & Pyerina: dingily bow harp

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The Art Of Harp, Volume 2
International Harp Festival

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The Art of Harp - International Harp Festival

Musicians from all over the world have made their musical home at Shamrock like the German harpist and world-musician Rüdiger Oppermann, the American jazz-bass player David Friesen, the Argentinian guitarist José Luis Merlin, the musicians of Bleizi Ruz from Brittany, the Austrian guitarist Peter Ratzenbeck, the American Blues musician Paul Geremia, the Austrian composer and saxophonist Thomas Schwebisch, the Argentinian band Nahual and many more. More than 40 albums have been released by Shamrock since its foundation.

Numerous awards and nominations as well as excellent critiques are motivation and confirmation for the musicians.


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