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Musical von Helmut Bez und Jürgen Degenhardt
Gesangstexte von Jürgen Degenhardt
Edition: Performance material

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The subtitle of this musical sets the scene: ‘Terzett or the attempt to represent human coexistence under difficult conditions – namely under the conditions of love!’ The castle Burg Gleichen in Thuringia – today a major tourist attraction in the Thuringian Forest – was in the thirteenth century home to a certain Count Ernst von Gleichen who, according to legend, was happily married simultaneously to two women! The three-part tomb containing the Count and his two wives still exists today in the cathedral of Erfurt. It is said that there was also a huge bed for three persons called the ‘grüne Tannenschrein’ [green pine shrine] which was however destroyed by Napoleonic soldiers and burnt as fuel.
The castle watchman Corbatty, a somewhat strange apparition between 50 and 800 years old, is keen to offer today’s tourists the story of the count with two wives as a historical fact. One day, the opportunity arises of transforming this legend into reality: the archaeologist Florian visits the castle accompanied by Leila, an Egyptian who acted as his interpreter on his previous expedition. The couple aim to spend a few quiet romantic days together in the castle. They soon however make acquaintance with Otti who has separated from her husband…

Orchestral Cast

2 (2. auch Picc.) · 0 · 2 (2. auch Bassklar.) · 0 - 0 · 2 · 2 · 0 - S. (Glsp. · Xyl. · Vibr. · Röhrengl. · kl. Trgl. · gr. Beck. · Tamt. · Tamb. · 2 Tomt. · kl. Tr. · gr. Tr. m. Fußmasch. · Tempelbl. · Bong. · Gurke · Clav. · Charleston-Maschine · Schüttelrohr · Kokosschalen) (2 Spieler) - Hfe. · Git. (m. Verstärker) · Bassgit. (od. Kb. m. Tonabnehmer) - Str.


Florian Faber - Leila - Otti - Corbatty - Reiseleiterin - Touristen · Chor u. Ballett

More Information

Musical von Helmut Bez und Jürgen Degenhardt
Gesangstexte von Jürgen Degenhardt
Performance material
Schott Music
Year of composition:
World Premiere:
June 15, 1974 · Leipzig (D)
Musikalische Komödie
Conductor: Gerd Natschinski
Original staging: Wolfgang Weit · Costumes: Volker Walther · Set design: Volker Walther · Choreography: Monika Geppert

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LS 3046-01


Set Ascending Direction
  • Terzett
    Conductor: Gerd Natschinski
    June 15, 1974 | Leipzig (Germany) , Musikalische Komödie — World Premiere
  • Set Ascending Direction


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