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Snatches of a Conversation

für Doppeltrichter-Trompete in C und Ensemble
trumpet in C and ensemble
Edition: Performance material

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The fascination of Snatches of a Conversation, composed by Eötvös for the Europäischer Musikmonat 2001 in Basle, lies in the use of a double bell trumpet which allows the soloist to alternate rapidly between different mutes.
The piece lives up to its name: ’English words were chosen for the noise-maker, containing a lot of sibilants. They are all to be whispered into the microphone, in somewhat voiced sounds. Most of the texts are nonsense, and the audience should hear the words as if somebody would play a hi-hat’, or as if they were snatches of a conversation. (Peter Eötvös, performance instructions)

The entertaining sound potpourri made up of verbal fragments fascinates by virtue of subtle wit and playful ease.

Orchestral Cast

Altfl. · Klar. · Tenorsax. - Pos. (Cup, small straight, plunger) - S. (Vibr. · Marimba) - Keyboard-Sampler* · Sprecher - 2 Vl. · Va. · Vc. · Kb.
* Für alle technischen Anweisungen wenden Sie sich bitte an www.eotvospeter.com / For technical instructions please contact www.eotvospeter.com

More Information

Snatches of a Conversation
für Doppeltrichter-Trompete in C und Ensemble
Performance material
Schott Music
Year of composition:
12 ′
World Premiere:
November 25, 2001 · Basel (CH)
Paul Sacher-Halle
Europäischer Musikmonat 2001
Marco Blaauw, Trompete · Conductor: Jürg Henneberger · Ensemble Phoenix Basel

Commissioned work :
Auftragswerk von Europäischer Musikmonat 2001, Basel

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Product number:
LS 1536-01

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