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Leslie Searle

Leslie Searle

Country of origin: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Birthday: February 25, 1937

About Leslie Searle

Born in Polesworth/England in 1937, Leslie Searle came to Germany in 1965 as a saxophonist of the Royal Air Force Germany Band. He wrote compositions and arrangements for Kurt Edelhagen’s orchestra, played in numerous bands in the following years and was director of a private music school in Remscheid from 1966 to 2001. At present, he teaches about 70 music students.


In more than 500 compositions amd arrangements for various instrumentations ranging from solo piece to trio and ensemble, from string and wind orchestra to big band, he has included his experience as both concert-giving jazz musician and teacher. Large part of his works are based on educational purposes. Addressing himself particularly to children and young people, Searle bridges the gaps between classic and jazz music. His repertoire ranges from tango, charleston, bossa nova, swing, samba, waltz to rock and pop music. Everyone who wants to get to know the different styles of popular music will find appropriate pieces for his or her instrument among the Searle editions.


A good example is the series Instrumental Styles containing original compositions for two instruments. They can be recommended to everyone who for once wants to perform ’live’ as a soloist or as part of a duo with a rhythm section, or to make instrument lessons an exciting experience. You just need the accompanying booklet for the rhythm section containing the parts for piano, guitar, bass and drums.


The following play-along sets (sheet music plus MC/CD) are available: Flute Styles – Recorder Styles – Clarinet Styles – Saxophone Styles – Violin Styles.


Apart from Instrumental Styles, Searle offers overcross compositions with easy, partly swinging solos, duos and trios for keyboard, flute, clarinet and guitar in the series ’Fun für den Unterricht und das Ensemblespiel’: Keyboard Fun – Flute Fun – Clarinet Fun – Guitar Fun. All editions contain suggestions for the use of percussion, guitar and piano as accompanying instruments.


Further ensemble literature can be found in the series Modern Strings: ragtimes and tangos for string ensemble. Modern Strings is a series with compositions from all areas of popular music. A very interesting extension of the repertoire for the work with school orchestras or small soloistic string ensembles.


Searle’s compositional œuvre is complemented with three works for wind orchestra: Chips in a bag, Dips & Co., two peppy pieces which can be easily performed by small orchestras, and Blue and Gold, an exciting effective, yet easy piece which stands a good chance of becoming really catchy. All titles can be found in Schott Harmonie Serie.