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Hermann Kretzschmar

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: January 19, 1848
Date of death: May 10, 1924

About Hermann Kretzschmar

Hermann Kretzschmar, born in 1958, studied music education and German studies and subsequently piano with Bernhard Ebert in Hanover. In 1985 he became a member of the Ensemble Modern, both as a soloist and chamber musician. In 1994 he founded HCD Productions together with Catherine Milliken and Dietmar Wiesner. HCD has released the CDs "Migrations" (works by Paul Bowles), "Surface Tension" (works by Thomas Skempton) and the audio plays "Denotation Babel" (Prix Italia 1999), "Cosmic Memos" based on Calvino and "Die Blüte des nackten Körpers" (Raoul Schrott, 2011). Since 2001, Kretzschmar has realised the following audio plays: "Zur Zeit-revisited" (2001/3), "John Cages Stufen" (2002), "Strahlungen" (2004), "Harmonies of Paradise" (2006), "Doktor Faustus" (2007), "Arnold auf dem schönen Berg" (2009), "Der Tod in Rom" (2009), "Het Witte Kind" (2010), "Kuno Kohns Capriccio" (2011), "Soundcuts Wasserkuppe" (2011), and "Supersplam" (2016). On his portrait CD he released "Knotts Klavier", works from 1991 to 2007.