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elole piano trio elole-Klaviertrio

About elole piano trio elole-Klaviertrio

The elole piano trio is focused on contemporary music in all its variety. This provides a point of departure for new interpretations of significant works from the early 20th century, which also form an important part of the group’s repertory. The trio was formed in the fall of 2001, dedicated to exploring – sometimes in unconventional performance situations – the reasons new music deserves to be written, performed, and heard.

In the resulting collaboration with composers, elole emphasizes long-term relationships and the creation of new compositions. Since its inception, the group has premiered more than 40 works and presented four portrait concerts devoted to composer friends. The high point of the group’s tenth anniversary season took place in October, 2011, with a “Birthday Concert” featuring the premiere performances of three new works at the TonLagen Festival in Dresden-Hellerau.

The members of the trio do not limit themselves to simply playing their instruments, but search for concepts that expand the boundaries of traditional concert performance. This has led to the inclusion of dance, the combination of music and poetry, the integration of live electronics, and a performance evening with active participation by the audience.

elole questions the somewhat elitist structure of traditional concerts where active performers encounter a passive audience. The trio creates performing situations that encourage both players and listeners to move beyond their “classical” roles.