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Gideon Klein

Country of origin: Czech Republic
Birthday: December 6, 1919
Date of death: January 27, 1945

About Gideon Klein

Gideon Klein was born on the 6th of December 1919 in Přerov na Moravě. From a very early age he displayed great musical talent. He studied the piano with Professor Růžena Kuzová and graduated with flying colours from the master class of Professor Vilém Kurz. Currently he was studying musicology at the Philosophical faculty of Charles’s University in Prague and composition with Professor Alois Hába. His studies were curtailed when the German occupation closed down all Czech colleges and universities.
In December 1941 he was interned in the concentration camp in Terezín and in October 1944 was deported via Auschwitz to Fürstengrube where he suffered a tragic death at the end of January 1945.
Enduring incredibly difficult conditions in Terezín Gideon Klein managed to help organize cultural life and, moreover, devoted himself to composing and to interpreting vocal and chamber works.
His Terezín works along with some pre-war works discovered by some lucky coincidence have taken their rightful place in the cultural heritage of Czechoslovakia from where they have spread beyond our borders. They are performed by leading internationals soloists and ensembles and are recorded on CD.