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Decoder Ensemble

About Decoder Ensemble

Decoder, founded in Hamburg in 2011, describes itself as a “band for contemporary music” and is one of the most innovative and unpredictable ensembles in the international New Music scene. Their fresh and innovative sound, with a distinct combination of electric and acoustical instruments and voice, sets them apart from conventional chamber music ensembles.

Decoder’s projects emphasize cross-genre cooperation with a broad musical spectrum ranging from experimental instrumental music to multimedia projects and conceptual performance art. Collaboration with young composers is a primary focus of the group. Every member of the ensemble is an established specialist in the field of New Music, and three are also composers. The result is a high degree of authenticity and a stimulating exchange of ideas between the artists, erasing the usual boundaries between production and interpretation.

The ensemble is a regular guest at numerous international festivals. In 2014, their first CD, “Decoder”, was produced in cooperation with Deutschlandfunk in Cologne. Since 2017, Decoder has presented the concert series “Unterdeck” in Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie.