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Carsten Gerlitz

Carsten Gerlitz

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: October 26, 1966

About Carsten Gerlitz

Carsten Gerlitz was born in Berlin and studied music and computing science. He works as an arranger, musician, author and publisher and takes care of text and music productions in his own recording studio. His piano and choir arrangements have been published in more than 120 publications. With his choir, THE HAPPY DISHARMONISTS, he has released a large number of CDs and has received the Berlin Culture Award BONZO. His recent activities include a stint as musical director for the SAT1 production "Star Search".

Schott has published his choir arrangements The Celtic ChoirbookThe Lullaby Choirbook and The Christmas Choirbook. Also available is the volume Pop Ballads including easily playable piano arrangements will also be published soon.

For further information visit the website www.greenlandmusic.de.