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Mitternacht und Tag

Cantata for Wartime
für Frauenchor und Orchester
women's choir and orchestra
Edition: Performance material

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‘[…] War now placed, where War belongs – among the trades and artisans.’ These uncannily prophetical lines by Herman Melville are recited by the female choir at the beginning of the Cantata of Wartime. Ernst Krenek created these musical settings from a selection of Melville texts on the American Civil War during his exile in the United States just a few months after the Battle of Stalingrad. Reviews of the first performance and the European premiere (1954 in Hamburg) praised the cantata as an emotionally compelling masterpiece. Krenek effectively augmented the work’s contrapuntal and, at times, twelve-tone structure with dramatic intensity, sprechgesang and arioso sections, and expressive tremolo effects.

Orchestral Cast

2 · 2 · 2 · 2 - 4 · 2 · 2 · 0 - P. S. (Trgl. · hg. Beck. · kl. Tr. · gr. Tr.) (2 Spieler) - Str.

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Mitternacht und Tag
Cantata for Wartime
für Frauenchor und Orchester
Text von Herman Melville, deutsch von Ernst Křenek
German, English
Performance material
Schott Music
Year of composition:
op. 95
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World Premiere:
March 24, 1944 · Minneapolis, MN (USA)
University of Minnesota
Conductor: Dimitri Mitropoulos · Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

October 11, 1954 · Hamburg (D)
Conductor: Ernst Krenek · Symphonieorchester des NDR · Frauenchor des NDR · Choir director: Otto Franze
(German Version)

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LSUE 2723-01
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Set Ascending Direction
  • Mitternacht und Tag
    Conductor: Ernst Krenek
    Orchestra: Symphonieorchester des NDR
    October 11, 1954 | Hamburg (Germany) — World Premiere (Deutsche Fassung)
  • Mitternacht und Tag
    Conductor: Dimitri Mitropoulos
    Orchestra: Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
    March 24, 1944 | Minneapolis, MN (United States of America) , University of Minnesota — World Premiere
  • Set Ascending Direction


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