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Easy Concert Pieces - MP3-Pack

Vol. 1 | 50 Easy Pieces from 5 Centuries
MP3-Pack, no sheet music included
Product number: ED 22547D Q555170
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MP3-Pack, no sheet music included


M. Praetorius: Old German Dance
J.v.d. Hofe: Canario
A. Reinagle: Minuetto
A. Teinagle: Allegro
C.H. Wilton: Little Sonata
C. Gurlitt: A Midsommer Day's Song
C. Gurlitt: Dreary Hours
G.F. Humbert: The Hurdy-Gurdy Man
G.F. Humbert: The Train
G.F. Humbert: The Snake Charmer
G.F. Humbert: Tarantella
G.F. Humbert: On The Way
G.F. Humbert: Ragtime
F. Emonts: Dialogue
F. Emonts: Changing Time
M. Tajcevic: Piano Piece for the Young
H. Badings: Basso ostinato
R. Mohrs: Here Comes the Caravan
R. Mohrs: Folk Dance in the Mountains
R. Mohrs: Shepherd's Melody
H.-G. Heumann: Rock Piano Fever
J.H. Schein: Allemande
D. Speer: Aria
J. Krieger: Menuett A minor
C. Graupner: Bourrée E minor
J.-P. Rameau: Menuett D major
J.S. Bach: Musette D major
G.F. Händel: Gavotte C major
D.G. Türk: Four Easy Pieces - D.G. Türk: Entrée
D.G. Türk: Minuetto
D.G. Türk: I am so Dull and Ill
D.G. Türk: A Carefree Fellow
A. Diabelli: Three Little Pieces
A. Diabelli: Allegretto
A. Diabelli: Moderato
A. Diabelli: Vivace
R. Schumann: A Little Piece
F. Spindler: Song Without Words
C. Franck: Dolly's Complaint
A. Gretchaninoff: Fairy Tale
A. Gretchaninoff: Njanja is Ill
A. Gretchaninoff: A Tiresome Lesson
C. Orff: Dancing Piece
C. Orff: Piano Study - F. Emonts: Tango
F. Emonts: Bagpipes
G. Kretschmer: Elephants
G. Kretschmer: Rainy Weather Blues
B. Heller: Tales from the Arabian Nights
M. Magolt: Holydays
M. Schoenmehl: The Spanish Guitar Player

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Easy Concert Pieces - MP3-Pack
Vol. 1 | 50 Easy Pieces from 5 Centuries
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very easy
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ED 22547D Q555170
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