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La Tragedia di Orfeo

nach Angelo Poliziano
Edition: Performance material

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The myth of Orpheus is a perennial favourite f or a number of composers ranging from Monteverdi, Gluck and Offenbach to Stravinsky. In La Tragedia di Orfeo, Wilhelm Killmayer does not set a traditional continuous libretto to relate the myth of the Thracian singer, but rather follows the example of his teacher Carl Orff with a hybrid format consisting of choruses, arias, duets, instrumental interludes and choreographic elements.

Using the 400-line ‘Fabu la d i Orfeo’ by the Humanist scholar Angelo Poliziano which is presumed to have originated around the year 1494 for the Carnival in Mantua, it is primarily through dance that the story is depicted, from the tragic fate of Eurydice to the death of Orpheus, torn apart by the Maenads. La Tragedia di Orfeo was composed at the beginning of Killmayer’s four year appointment as ballet conductor at the Bavarian State Opera House.

Orchestral Cast

Picc. · 4 · 4 · 0 · 0 - 4 · 4 · 3 · 1 - 3 P. S. (Crot. · Vibr. · 4 Beck. · Gong · 3 Tamt. · Tamb. · 2 Bong. · 3 kl. Tr. · 3 Tomt. · 4-5 Holztr. u. Tempelbl. · gr. Holztr. · Rührtr. · 2 Cong. · gr. Tr. · 2 Guiro · 2 Mar. · Kast. · Clav. · Ratsche · Peitsche) (6 Spieler) - 2 Hfn. · Cemb. (od. Klav.) · Klav. (vierhd.) - Kb.


I Prologo
II Coro degli Amici (Lamento der Gefährten über den Tod der Euridice)
III Arioso d'Orfeo e Madrigale I (Lamento des Orfeo und Gang in die Unterwelt)
IV Canto alternato (Die Furien verwehren Orpheus den Eingang)
V Aria d'Orfeo (Orpheus beschwört die Mächte der Unterwelt. Sie werden ihm Euridice zurückgeben, doch darf er sie nicht sehen)
VI Aria di Euridice (Erscheinung der Euridice)
VII Madrigale II (Pas de deux)
VIII Duetto (Gang in die Unterwelt. Orpheus wendet sich um, Euridice versinkt)
IX Coro di Menadi (Die Mänaden zerreißen den Orpheus und feiern ein Bacchusfest)


Orfeo · Tenor - Euridice · Sopran - Ninfa · Sopran - gem. Chor

More Information

La Tragedia di Orfeo
nach Angelo Poliziano
Performance material
Schott Music
Year of composition:
1960 - 1961
35 ′
World Premiere:
June 9, 1961 · München (D)
Conductor: Wilhelm Killmayer
Original staging: Heinz Rosen · Set design: Helmut Jürgens · Choreography: Heinz Rosen

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  • La Tragedia di Orfeo
    Conductor: Wilhelm Killmayer
    June 9, 1961 | München (Germany) — World Premiere
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