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für Horn und Orchester
horn and orchestra
Edition: Performance material

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Volker David Kirchner's Konzert für Horn und Orchester is a concerto in the original sense: The solo instrument stands out clearly from the overall sound in all three movements, the work fully exploring its tonal and technical possibilities. Kirchner has never been interested in pushing the boundaries of possibilities of the horn’s sound, preferring to revert to the mysticism of the Romantic era, the horn being considered its natural musical voice. The soloist interacts with three natural horns in the orchestra while changing his position in the concert hall several times. Kirchner combines solo sections and tutti passages by tonal overlapping and develops his motifs freely.

Orchestral Cast

2 (2. auch Picc.) · 2 (2. auch Engl. Hr.) · 2 · 2 (2. auch Kfg.) - 3 · 2 · 2 · 0 - S. (Trgl. · gr. Beck. · ant. Zimb. · gr. Tamt. · kl. Tr. · gr. Tr.) (2 Spieler) - Hfe. · Klav. (2 Spieler) - Str.


I ... schwebende Erinnerung
II Intermezzo
III Pastorale

More Information

für Horn und Orchester
Performance material
Schott Music
Year of composition:
18 ′
World Premiere:
July 11, 1997 · Itzehoe (D)
Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival 1997
Marie Luise Neunecker, Horn · Conductor: Thomas Dausgaard · Radio Philharmonie Hannover des NDR

Commissioned work :
Auftragswerk des Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festivals 1997

Technical Details

Product number:
LS 2602-01


Set Ascending Direction
  • Konzert
    Conductor: Hermann Bäumer
    Orchestra: Osnabrücker Symphonieorchester
    February 14, 2005 | Osnabrück (Germany) , Stadthalle
  • Konzert
    Conductor: Hermann Bäumer
    Orchestra: Osnabrücker Symphonieorchester
    February 13, 2005 | Osnabrück (Germany) , Stadthalle
  • Konzert
    Orchestra: Märkisches Jugendsinfonieorchester
    January 14, 2001 | Lüdenscheid (Germany)
  • Konzert
    Orchestra: Märkisches Jugendsinfonieorchester
    January 13, 2001 | Werdohl (Germany)
  • Konzert
    Conductor: Stefan Sanderling
    Orchestra: Philharmonisches Orchester des Staatstheaters Mainz
    April 17, 1999 | Mainz (Germany) , Phönixhalle
  • Set Ascending Direction

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