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Das Unaufhörliche - The Never-Ending

Oratorio in three parts after a text by Gottfried Benn for soloists, mixed choir, boys' choir and orchestra
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Edition: 2 CDs
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Paul Hindemith was motivated to work with Gottfried Benn after he had read his article "Can Writers Change the World?". In it Benn states, in opposition to the political program of salvation of his days: History has no overarching sense, no upward movement, no dawning of humanity, a motif of the Orient, a myth of the Mediterranean Sea; it survives the Niagara Falls, only to drown in the bathtub; necessity calls and randomness answers. Benn then gave form to these views in his poem "Das Unaufhörliche", which is supposed to express the self-transformation of the creative act.
Hindemith was confronted with the paradoxical problem that he could in no way express the principle of the perpetual, to which as an art form music, too, is subject, by means of an emphatically autonomous music. Instead, he sought to embody the principle of the perpetual in his basic compositional decisions. Hindemith succeeds by always giving something fictive to the "organic" closed forms of the "natural" musical flow. The principle of the perpetual is assigned to three themes, which almost all of the work’s other themes are derived from in the most subtle, unobtrusive art of transformation. And when the final chorus returns to these three themes in their original form, it makes thematically manifest what was always latently present: the principle of the perpetual.
The CDs also contain an original recording of Gottfried Benn reading an introduction to the oratorio in 1932. The booklet presents - besides the liner notes of Giselher Schubert in German, English and French - the libretto in German and English (libretto translated by the British composer Cyril Scott).
This recording was awarded the Quarterly German Record Critics' Award!


CD 1: Das Unaufhörliche (The Never-Ending), Part 1
Das Unaufhörliche (The Never-Ending), Part 2
CD 2: Das Unaufhörliche (The Never-Ending), Part 3
Gottfried Benn reads an introduction to "Das Unaufhörliche"


Ulrike Sonntag: soprano / Robert Wörle: tenor / Siegfried Lorenz: baritone / Artur Korn: bass / Rundfunk-Chor Berlin / Werner Hans Hagen: chorus master / Rundfunk-Kinderchor Berlin / Manfred Roost: chorus master / Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin / Lothar Zagrosek: conductor

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Das Unaufhörliche - The Never-Ending
Oratorio in three parts after a text by Gottfried Benn for soloists, mixed choir, boys' choir and orchestra
2 CDs
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