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Simon Laks (1901–1983) belonged to the group of young Polish musicians who, encouraged by Paderewski and Szymanowski, pursued careers in Paris of the interwar period. Due to his Jewish descent, he was deported in 1942 to Auschwitz, where he was able to survive as director of a camp orchestra in Birkenau. Long known primarily for the account of his survival, "Music of Another World", his compositions, too, have meanwhile attracted international attention. This double‐CD presents all of the composer’s existing songs and melodramas, largely in first recordings. Owing to the outstanding quality of the music as well as of the Polish and French texts, but above all against the background of the experiences that flowed into them and make them a testimony to deeply moving humanism, these works deserve a special place in the musical history of the twentieth century.


CD 1
Five songs on poems by Julian Tuwim: Happiness / Covenant / Prayer / Erratum / Everything
Dyzio the Dreamer (Julian Tuwim)
About Grześ, the Little Liar (Julian Tuwim)
Homeless (Julian Tuwim)
Old People (Julian Tuwim)
Angel Faces (Julian Tuwim?)
Request for a Song (Julian Tuwim)
My Tears Fell (Adam Mickiewicz)
The General (Jacques Audiberti)
The Gospel of the Happy (Stanisław Baliński)
Little Jesus (anonymus)
Oh Dear Mommy Mine (anonymus)
Of an Illness of the Heart (Jules Laforgue)
I kissed one for love (Tola Korian?)
Old French Ballad (Julian Tuwim)
Little Waltz (Julian Tuwim)
Bonus track: Alkoholik (Julian Tuwim)

CD 2
Eight Jewish Folk Songs (traditional): I am a Coachman / Cradle Song / The Golden Peacock / Our Dear Rebbe / Outside, it is a Dreary Day / Hey there, Brothers / The Old Question / Friday Evening
Passacaille (Vocalise)
Elegy for the Jewish Villages (Antoni Słonimski)
Funeral (Mieczyław Jastrun)
Trois Poèmes chantés (Wanda Maya Berezowska): I’m in search of a melody for my song / The Doll / The Little Prisoner
The Street (Wanda Maya Berezowska)
Rain (Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz)
Portrait of the Bird-That-Does-Not-Exist (Claude Aveline)
Four songs on words by Tadeusz Śliwiak: The Green Violinist / The Scarecrow / Composition / Adoration of the Tree
I’m Not Blaming Anyone (Ludwik Żuk-Skarszewski)
Farewell (Zygmunt Różycki)
If you (Ludwik Żuk-Skarszewski)


Ania Vegry: soprano / Dominique Horwitz: speacker / Katarzyna Wasiak: piano

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Complete Works for Voice and Piano
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