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Echoes Of Old Love Songs

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Colin Wilkie is a british Songwriter of a special legendary kind, and has already played with musicians such as Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Simon G Garfunkel etc. Once again on this album Colin shows the range of his ability - from lyrical songs to rock rhythms with detours in many different directions in style. Colin Wilkie was born in 1934 in London and his home was "between a pub and a police-station". His father, a Scotsman, worked at a publishing companv. Colin's youth was marked by World War II and warplanes circling over London had a big impact on Wilkie's developement. He worked at several different jobs such as food & beverage salesman or secretary in an office, but there was still enough time to pursue his various interests. He was captain of a cricket-team, and he made a name as an actor in an amateur theatre company These skills are still apreciated bv his fans and thev are combined with Wilkie's unique sense of humor. But his main interest has always been music. He used to be a drummer in a combo and he is a big jazz-fan. The first album that he bought with his own monev was a record by Lionel Hampton. "I've always been busy with rea-ding poems, painting, acting and music", says Colin Wilkie. He was deeply impressed by the work of Dvlan Thomas - and this inspired him to try his own hand at writing. Later on he turned over to folk music. He tried to express himself not only in music but also in words. It was the time when folk clubs were blossoming in London and it was the time when Colin picked up his guitar and started his career in one of these clubs.... 30 years ago.


Never Should Have To Say Goodbye
Echoes Of Old Love Songs
Shackleton, Worsley And Crean
The Incredible Bouncing Benny
Peggy In The Park
Snowy City Scenery
Be Free Again
It's Cold She Said
Leap Before You Look
Usually Not At All


Colin Wilkie: vocal, guitar / Manfred Ergott: double bass, e-bass / Ralf Hentschel: drums / Kai Kranner: accordion, 10-string bouzouki / Nina Kranner: violin / Uwe Kranner: guitars, cither, harp / Peter Ratzenbeck: guitars / Herwig Thöny: fretless bass / Vincent Wilkie: guitars

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Echoes Of Old Love Songs

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SHA 10092
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