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Hire/performance material

Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane

for orchestra
Product number: LZAP 20353-01
Edition: Performance material

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Orchestral Cast

pic.4.4(4.ca).4(2.Ebcl 4.bcl).4(4.cbsn)-8.4(flhn).4ttbn.btbn.1-timp.6perc(perc1: bells, marac, cym (pair), casts, clav, popgun, tri. perc2: mar, tam-t, sleigh bells, guiro, tamb, slapstick, marac, tri, chimes. perc3: vib, tri, sleigh bells, casts, slapstick, popgun, wind machine. perc4: xyl, pic s.d, loose field drum, small cyms, tri, finger cym, wdbl, casts, slapstick, popgun, chimes. perc5: concert s.d, pic s.d, field drum, large cyms, 5tempbl, bell tree, thai gong. perc6: huge b.d, field drum, tam-t, low gong, low balinese gong, floor tom).opt drum set-hp.pno-str

More Information

Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane
for orchestra
Performance material
Munchkin Music
Year of composition:
22 ′
World Premiere:
Conductor: Kent Nagano · London Symphony Orchestra


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Product number:
LZAP 20353-01
Delivery rights:
Worldwide. Orders for works by Zappa are subject to special conditions, which will be detailed by our New York hire library upon receipt of order. Please direct any questions to https://www.eamdc.com/

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Set Ascending Direction
  • Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane
    Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane
    Conductor: Jurjen Hempel
    November 30, 2017 | Utrecht (Netherlands) , Oosterpoort Groningen
  • Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane
    Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane
    Conductor: Baldur Broennimann
    Orchestra: Oslo Filharmoniske Orkester
    September 13, 2013 | Oslo (Norway) , Oslo Konserthus
  • Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane
    Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane
    Conductor: Kent Nagano
    Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra
    ~1983 | — World premiere
  • Set Ascending Direction

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    Bob in Dacron and Sad Jane


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