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63: Dream Palace

Opera based on a Novel by James Purdy
Libretto and German Translation by Hans Jürgen von Bose
Edition: Performance material

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This opera is, above everything else, about love. But, of course, also about all the tragic things that happen in spite of and because of this love. Still, it is, in the first place, about love and the yearning for love.

This is the story of the two brothers, Fenton and Claire –  aged nineteen and eight – who, orphaned, come from the provinces to big, dreadful, arcane Chicago. Fenton absolutely adores his little brother, who is totally devoted to him. On the other hand, he thinks his brother as well as the memories of his former home and past, happy life, which Claire embodies for him, to be an unendurable burden to his own fresh start. Fenton feels that with this new beginning he will also lose his innocence, which for his little, profoundly religious brother is so vital. Torn between his will to survive, which has him make weird nightly acquaintances, and his desperate attempt to retain his integrity, Fenton – overcome by panic – commits the terrible act of killing his brother.

Reading James Purdy’s novel 63: Dream Palace and some of his other works, I was compelled to reconsider some of my prime aesthetic positions. The subject triggered off a torrent of very personal sensations and ideas, which immediately and unrestrictedly began to find expression in music. This provoked me into attending to genres, such as Jazz and Rock, which I had previously completely neglected, and it upset my former musical conception of the world, however, as I believe and hope, in a constructive way. Hans-Jürgen von Bose

Orchestral Cast

1 (auch Picc., Altfl. u. Bassfl.) · 1 (auch Engl. Hr.) · 2 (1. auch Es-Klar. u. Bassklar., 2. auch Sopransax., Altsax. u. Bassklar.) · Sopransax. (auch Sopraninosax., Altsax. u. Baritonsax.) · 0 - 0 · 2 · 1 · 1 - S. (I: Trgl. · Kuhgl. · chin. Gong · Röhrengl. · hg. Beck. · Nietenbeck. · Hi-Hat · Tamt. · Tomt. · Bong. · Cong. · kl. Tr. · gr. Tr. · Clav. · Mar. · Woodbl. · Ratsche · Peitsche · Guiro · Metal Chimes · Shell Chimes · Whisper Chimes · Flex. · Löffel · Schüttelrohr · Hyoshigi · Brummtopf · Hupe · Mundharm. · Vogelstimmen · Kuckucksruf · Trillerpf. · Lotosfl. · Glsp. · Xyl. · Vibr. · Marimba;
II: P. · Trgl. · Kuhgl. · chin. Gong · hg. Beck. · Nietenbeck. · Hi-Hat · Tamt. · Tomt. · Bong. · kl. Tr. · gr. Tr. · Clav. · Kast. · Mar. · Woodbl. · Ratsche · Peitsche · Whisper Chimes · Flex. · Löffel · Hyoshigi · Brummtopf · Maultrommel · Vogelstimmen · Trillerpf. · Lotosfl. · Glsp. · Xyl. · Vibr. · Marimba) - E-Git. (auch Tenorbanjo) · Akk. · Klav. (auch Cel., E-Piano, präp. Klav., Spielzeugklav. [oder Cel.], E-Org.) - 4 Vl. · Va. · Vc. · 2 Kb. (fünfsaitig) -
Für die Tonbandaufnahme (von den Ausführenden zu erstellen): Sopransax. - Trp. · Pos. · Tb. - kl. Tr. - E-Git. · Klav. - 3 Vl. · Va. · Kb.


Fenton, ein neunzehnjähriger Junge · Tenor - Claire, sein kleiner Bruder · Knabensopran - Parkhearst, ein Schriftsteller · Bariton - Bella, seine Frau / Mama, Fentons und Claires Mutter · lyrischer Sopran - Grainger, eine ältere, reiche Frau · Mezzosopran - Bruno · Countertenor - Hayden, ein Schauspieler · Bass - Therapiegruppe, Echos, Partygäste (werden durch die o.g. Personen besetzt)

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63: Dream Palace
Opera based on a Novel by James Purdy
Libretto and German Translation by Hans Jürgen von Bose
Textbuch und deutsche Übertragung von Hans-Jürgen von Bose
German, English
Performance material
Jan 1, 1991
Prix de Composition Musicale der Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco

Prix de Composition Musicale der Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco

Ars Viva Verlag
Year of composition:
World Premiere:
May 6, 1990 · München (D)
Conductor: Alicja Mounk · Ensemble Modern
Original staging: Jonathan Moore · Costumes: David Bright · Set design: David Bright
Commissioned work :
Auftragswerk der Stadt München für das 2. Internationale Festival für neues Musiktheater

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LAVV 1154-01


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  • 63: Dream Palace
    Conductor: Alicja Mounk
    Orchestra: Ensemble Modern
    May 6, 1990 | München (Germany) — World Premiere
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