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American Popular Piano Etudes Preparatory

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This is one of four Preparatory-level books in the American Popular Piano series - the educational piano course by Christopher Norton and Scott McBride Smith. The series has 11 difficulty Levels, and each Level contains: Repertoire album with CD; Etudes album (including Improvisation); Skills book; Technic (technique) book. Preparatory Level: For students in their first year of study- Middle C position, treble and bass clef, grand staff- Whole note, half note, quarter note, dotted half note- pp, p, mp, mf, f- 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures- Key signatures up to one sharp - Repeat, 8ve, tie, fermata, ritardando, accent Etudes Albums: complement the corresponding Repertoire Album with traditional technical etudes in both classical and popular styles and through a revolutionary, module-based approach to improvisation. · Technical Etudes: builds solid fundamentals by focusing on specific technical and musical elements; offers an enjoyable approach to improving facility; · Improvisation Etudes: delivers a practical framework for learning improvisation; integrates effortlessly into traditional piano lessons; module structure provides intuitive, progressive development from the very first level; encourages creativity and spontaneity; trains critical active listening skills The CD, which comes only with the Repertoire Album, contains accompanying instrumental backings both for the Repertoire Album's ensemble pieces, and the Etudes Album's Improvisation modules: · provides convenient practice and performance tempos for realistic support of the learning process; · stimulates daily ensemble playing; · creates a full band improvisation experience; · makes reaching a polished performance just plain fun! About the American Popular Piano series: “Why can’t I play more music like this?” asked a fourteen-year-old piano student. “My friends like to hear me play cool music.” Why not, indeed. J.S. Bach taught his sons using the music of his time – popular dances, preludes and exercises by living composers. It would never have occurred to him to seek out pieces in styles and rhythms one hundred years old. He expected his boys to thrive in the musical world of their time. American Popular Piano has been developed on the same principles. Students working in this series will… · develop traditional pianistic and musical skills through music in contemporary, popular styles; · be motivated to practice by working on music that is familiar, fun, and that they can’t wait to play; · nurture their creativity and spontaneity through a user-friendly modular approach to improvisation; · enjoy regular ensemble playing; … and find pleasure in a lifelong relationship with music! Written entirely by Christopher Norton and Scott McBride Smith, American Popular Piano is an educational piano course which comprises 44 books, clearly divided into 11 difficulty levels. With 4 resources in each level from which people can pick and choose, the series provides a fuller curriculum, including important skills such as improvisation. The integrated, comprehensive course of study provided by American Popular Piano ensures the development of well-rounded piano fundamentals using a combination of classical and popular styles. Each of the eleven levels – from Preparatory for the first year of study, then through the progressive levels 1-10 – includes a Repertoire Album with an Instrumental Backings CD, a supporting Etudes Album, a Skills Book, and a Technic (technique) book.


Improvisation Etudes: London Waltz
Across the River
Around the Clock
A Little Rhumba
Inprovisation Performance Etudes: London Waltz
Across the River
Around the Clock
A Little Rhumba
Technical Etudes
Classical: Seconds With Two Surprises
Thirds ... But Not All
After "Cowboy's Holler"
After "Alabama Ring Game"
Technical Etudes
Pop: Irish Tune
Painting the House
Leaping About
Taking a Walk
Go Right Ahead
The Long and Short of It
Family Ties

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American Popular Piano Etudes Preparatory
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