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Beside his preference for pieces with objectives and for instrumental theatre, it is especially the principle of writing “unique” works that defines the works of the Russian composer Victor Ekimovsky. Each work must embody a new and original structural idea as well as employ technical and stylistic expressive means that have not appeared in any earlier compositions.The works on this CD represent the whole range of Ekimovsky's musical ideas:

A key work is "Symphonic Dances". The underlying literary programme evokes the vision of an endless dance marathon, and because of the apocalyptic reference the work appears like a “danse macabre”.

Two works for percussion were written especially for the six members of the Pekarsky Percussion Ensemble: "The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin" is a minimalist meditation in which Ekimovsky consciously avoids the loud and rhythmic playing that is typical of percussion instruments. His "27 Destructions" are ruled by the principle of 'destruction' which is realized by the change of rhythm, texture, melody, dynamics, tempo and instrumental colour at the junctures of the 27 different miniatures.

"The Mirror of Avicenna" is based on a common cultural archetype, the movement “from darkness to light”. Ekimovsky who dedicated this work to himself based his work on words of the philosopher and healer Avicenna.

Ekimovsky wrote the violin concerto "Attalea princeps" after reading the eponymous story by Vsevolod Garshin who had expressed his feelings of being trapped in a brutal environment.


Symphonic Dances for piano and orchestra
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin for percussion ensemble
The Mirror Avicennas for 14 players
27 Destructions for percussion ensemble
Attalea princeps. Concerto for violin and orchestra

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The Mirror of Avicenna
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