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Sun Ra

Country of origin: United States of America
Birthday: May 22, 1914
Date of death: May 30, 1993

About Sun Ra

Sun Ra, born 1914 and died 1993 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Studied art and music at the Alabama State Agricultural and Mechanical Institute, 1935–36. Moved to Chicago in 1946 and worked there under the names “Herman ‘Sonny’ Blount” and “Le Sony’r Ra” as a pianist and stage show arranger at the Club De Lisa. Took the name Sun Ra in the mid-1950s and formed the Solar Arkestra (also known as the Myth Science Arkestra and Omniverse Arkestra), with whom he made numerous recordings. Performed internationally from the 1970s onward. Inducted into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, 1979.