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Hungarian Fiddle Tunes

143 Traditional Pieces for Violin
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Hungarian Fiddle Tunes presents a collection of over 140 pieces for solo violin drawn from the rich tradition of Hungarian folk music.  With tunes covering a range of styles from Verbunkos, to Csárdás, to Magyar nóta, experienced folk fiddler Chris Haigh provides notes on all of the pieces, explaining technical aspects of the playing style. 

The volume is accompanied by Audio files with a recording of all tunes performed by Chris which can be dowloaded with a voucher code printed in the book. German and French translations of all texts are available as free pdf downloads from the Schott Music website. Suitable for players of grades 3-8.

Part of the best-selling World Music series, which also includes Fiddle music from England, Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Europe, America, Argentina, India, China and Korea.


Fly, Peacock fly (Röpülj Pava) - If I were a rose (Ha én rózsa volnék)
The Wind is Blowing from the Danube (Hej Dunáról Fúj A Szel)
Oh rose, you are so elegant (Hej rózsa rózsa ékes vagy)
Pest városa
Shepherd’s song
Daughter of the Headman (A Bátai bíró lány); Ugrós
Legényes from Mezöség, Transylvania
Füzesi Ritka (slow) Magyar
Negyes (two couple dance)
Legényes from Szék
Legényes from Füzes (Mezöség)
Swineherd’s Dance from Tolna county
Swineherd’s dance from Gyimes
Swineherd’s dance
Bagpiper’s dance (Dudatánc)
Ugrós (Jumping Dance)
Ugrós No.2
Skipping Dance
Dance Tune from Crucea
Stamping Dance (Pa Loc)
Lad's Dance
Párnástánc (Pillow dance)-with Dűvő rhythm
Magyar -with Dűvő rhythm
Song from Somogy County–with esztam rhythm
The wild flowers (Sirnak-rinak)
A szegedi
The Wheat is Getting Ripe (Érik Már a Búza)
The snow is deep (Télen Nagy a Hó)
Mother, mother (Anyám anyám)
Hol háltál az éjjel
Bagpipe tune from Sopron
Another bagpipe tune from Sopron
Legényes from Kalotaszeg
The King of Prussia is Rightly Angry
A Dorogi – Fijume
I am a famous troublemaker (Hires Betyár Vagyok); Somogy County
“Too Coarse”
Hol hártál (version 2)
Ewe’s dance (A Juhoké)
No. 2, from Cleja, Moldva – Botosánka
Legényes from Transylvania
Bartók Romanian Dance
Bagpipe tune from Palócföld
Bagpipe tune from Nógrád County
The Monks are walking in Clogs (Swineherd’s dance)
One can recognise the swineherd “Megismerni a kanászt”
Ballad of the two brides
Lovers’ song from SW Hungary
Hej te kislány (hey, you little brown girl)
Szélröl legeljetek (start grazing at the side)
Sobri Dús (fast dance)
The leaves of the fig tree are growing yellow (Sárgul már a fügefa levele)
On top of the village church (A falusi templom tetejébe)
It is not good to play the zither Saturday nights (Szombat este nem jó citerázni)
Bodonkúti (Verbunkos)
Circle Dance (Verbunkos)
Cumanian Verbunk
Liszt Verbunkos
Verbunkos from NE Hungary
Liszt Verbunkos
Rákóczi March
Sarkantyús Verbunk
Bottle dance (Üveges)
Vasvár Verbunk
Verbunkos from Fuzes
Magyarpéterlaki korcsos
Magyarpéterlaki korcsos Tune 2
Csárdás from Miskolc
No. 1
No. 2
Cuka szoke czardas
Bear Dance (Jocul Ursului)
sebes 2
Funnel dance from Bihar (Bihari tölcséres)
Dance from Sieu (Transylvania) – Cigánycsárdás
Cigánycsárdás No. 2
Cigánycsárdás II
Dance from Nagysajó (Transylvania)
Körtánc (circle dance)
Sebes V
Csendes (calm)
Friss Csárdás
Magyar Csárdás
Friss Csárdás 2
Dance from Gyimes
Jewish dances from Máramaros
Hat Ein Jid Ein Wejbele
Korcsos 1
Korcsos 2
Dance tunes from Nagysajó, Transylvania No.1
Dance tunes from Nagysajó, Transylvania No.2
A horgosi 1
Dance Tunes from Nagysajo, Transylvania No.1
Dance Tunes from Nagysajo, Transylvania No.2
A horgosi 2
Friss Csárdás from South TransDanubia (Dél-Dunátúl) – Cigánycsárdás
Bonchidai Lassú Magyar
Csárdás from Szék
Lassú Csárdas
Friss csárdás from Vajdakamarás
Liszt czardas
Mens’ dances from Gymes
Tunes from Szatmar No.1
Tunes from Szatmar No.2
Romanian tune from Mezoszopor
Botos Tánc – Ardeleana
Sebes (fast csárdás)
Sebes 3
Shepherd’s tune
Shepherd’s tune No.2
Szögény czardas
Stamping Dance from Transylvania (Pa Loc)
Belt Dance from Transylvania (Brau)
Chopping Dance from Transylvania
Cumanian Young Mens’ dance
Two Csardas from Tura No.1
Two Csardas from Tura
No.2 A csizmámon nincsen kéreg
Szöktetôs No.1
Szöktetôs No.2
Spinning Dances (Forgatósok) from Székely Land No. 2
Wedding March from Transylvania
The Szeged Horseman (A Szegedi Csikós)
Csitt, babám! (Hush, Baby!)
Esik Esö Csendesen (Rain falls softly)
Eszterág, csutora (lathe, flask)
Szép a Rózsám (My darling is beautiful)
Handsome is He (Az a szép, az a szép)
One Kitten, two Kittens (Egy cica, két cica)
The silver leaves of the poplar tree (Lehullott a rezgö nyárfa ezüst színü levele)
The Four Corners of My handkerchief (Zsebkendöm négy sarka)
Horses hang their heads (Nagy a Feje)
20 kisses (Tíz pár csókot)
The Stars in the Sky
What shall I do with a blonde (Minek a szöke énnékem)
This a little girl has a short skirt (Ennek a kislányak rövid a szoknyája)
Keep playing, Gypsies (Húzzátok Cigányok)
This little girl is going to the well (Ez a kislány megy a kútra)
The Grass is Frosty (Deres a fü)

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Hungarian Fiddle Tunes
143 Traditional Pieces for Violin
Level of difficulty:
easy - intermediate
Schott Music Ltd., London
Hungarian Fiddle Tunes
143 Traditional Pieces for Violin
French, German, English
Level of difficulty:
easy - intermediate
Schott Music
Hungarian Fiddle Tunes
143 Traditional Pieces for Violin
French, German, English
Level of difficulty:
easy - intermediate
Schott Music

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