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Toshi Ichiyanagi: Japanese Composer Dies at 89

Toshi Ichiyanagi has died. The Japanese composer passed away on 7 October 2022 at the age of 89. He was one of the most renowned musical figures of his country. After his studies at the Juillard School of Music, New York, and his encounters with John Cage, he brought strong influences of the US avant-garde to the culture of his homeland and created an entirely new style. Ichiyanagi was also known for his private life and his relationship to Yoko Ono whose first husband he became. A series of ten symphonies and six piano concertos form the center of his musical output after 1980; they are the manifestation of his middle and late styles. Schott Music is thankful for many decades of friendship and collaboration with Toshi Ichiyanagi.

photo: Koh Okabe