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Work of the Week – Sebastian Hilli: Honeymoon

Forever embracing emotions as life’s universal language, in Sebastian Hilli’s new work, Honeymoon, for solo trumpet and ensemble, both love and longing unite within the solo voice. On 11 March 2023, the composer himself will conduct the Uusinta Ensemble as they take on the piece’s world premiere at the Musiikitalo Helsinki featuring Tomas Gricius on trumpet.

Hilli likes to capture concrete emotional states in his works and gives them a new space and form of expression. In Honeymoon, he reflects on young love and both of its inevitable ups and downs. On the one hand, the music displays echoes of heartache and loneliness, and on the other hand, feelings of intimacy and hope. The nine-member accompanying ensemble underlines both sides and shows two emotional worlds connected by the dreams of the solo trumpet. The boundary between these two worlds remains ever changing due to this interwoven web of emotions.

 World of Emotions: Honeymoon by Sebastian Hilli

Within this work, there is a question of whether the musically provoked feelings stem from dreams or reality. This mystery hangs forever in the air but ultimately comes to an end as the dream concludes with an underlying sense of hope which brings forth the new day.

By daring to dream and by surrendering to the stream of emotions, the soloist gets to experience the feelings they are longing for and maybe once had – joy and happiness, tenderness, optimism, infatuation, passion and euphoria. When the dream ends, a spark is left – a new morning that feels a little bit lighter and more hopeful than the one before. (Sebastian Hilli)

Honeymoon was commissioned for the Uusinta Ensemble and Ensemble Musikfabrik. Originally, the premiere was to take place in Cologne in 2021, but unfortunately due to the coronavirus it was postponed. However, the national premiere in Germany is currently in the making. 



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Illustration: Annibell82 / Adobe Stock